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There are SIX great ways to enjoy Chelsea Pfeiffer's girl-spanks-girl action:

alt="the side-by-side girls are paddled on their bare bottoms"
Furthering Education

CPE Features

A good story really matters

Chelsea knows that it's important to set the right mood to go along with the action.  Consequently, our CPE Features are well-scripted, fast-paced and energetically enacted.

Professional camera work and editing captures the full excitement of every moment, from the misdeeds of the "bad girls" to the spankings that necessarily must follow.

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alt=Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Carolyn Reese
CS-5 (Part A)
Chelsea Spanks Carolyn Reese

Chelsea Spanks
The camera never blinks! 
No edits, no cuts, no tricks - just long hard spankings

Did you ever wonder how a real "play" session unfolds? Ever want to hold the camera yourself as you watched a beautiful young lady get the spanking she's been craving?  Then, the Chelsea Spanks series is what you've been looking for.

Chelsea dishes out the discipline and isn't afraid to use whatever implement is required to get the job done properly.  Of course, she shows a little compassion as well, rubbing, teasing, even applying a little soothing lotion, if needed.

All of the action and dialogue is natural and unrehearsed and you see every second of it because the camera never stops and the tape is never cut. 

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alt=Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Clare Fonda
Clare Fonda in "A Clare Violation"

Chelsea Spanks Specials
Short story compilations from our GoodSpanking members' site.

When we shoot for our GoodSpanking site, we usually shoot three or four short stories with whomever we've hired for the day. Now, for those of you who prefer to purchase DVDs rather than join membership sites, we've put those short stories together onto DVD for you to purchase! They're somewhat similar to the Chelsea Spanks series, as Chelsea usually does the spanking, but not always. AND, they're different in that they're scripted, edited and delightfully played out spanking fantasy scenarios in the traditional Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment style! Usually titled something like, "The Sinn Sage Stories," this means you'll get three or four short stories, back-to-back, or everything we shot with the lovely Sinn, or whomever we hired for the day, on one DVD. Because they're usually shorter in running time than our usual fare, these DVDs go for the incredibly low price of only $20 each!


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alt=Chelsea Pfeiffer paddles Clare Fonda
Chelsea's Birthday Spanking 2009

Chelsea's Birthday Spankings

Chelsea's birthday spankings! Only one title a year added.

Every year, we film Chelsea's birthday spankings for her favorite sale of the year. Then, a few months after the sale, we give those of you who missed out on getting this very special DVD for free a chance to purchase it!


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alt=Ashley Fires is anally invaded by a "twizzler" laser!
"Starla" gets a twizzling
in SpaceGirls!

CPX Extravaganzas
Because, sometimes, being over the top is just far enough

Chelsea got into the business of making spanking videos because she had a genuine enthusiasm for this so-called "fetish". 

So, every once in a while she plans to produce a story that pulls out all the stops to make the production a "real movie".  Great locations, special effects, an original score; whatever it takes to make it a special spanking entertainment.

SpaceGirls! is her first CPX Extravaganza and in the short time since its release it  has begun to develop a cult following.  Styled as a take-off on sixties science fiction movies, it manages to be funny and erotic at the same time.  With spankings ranging from playful to extra hard  it tells the tale of two wayward girls from outer space who come to Earth to learn more about their favorite hobby - spanking.  Naturally, they learn more than they ever wanted to know.

And...do you know what a "twizzling" is?  Space Girls do!

See the SpaceGirls! Page

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A few shots from Sinn's first release! Lots more to come...

Spank Sinn
Erotic girl/girl spanking done as only the sexually charged, spanking hardwired Sinn Sage.

These movies are taken from our site, www.SpankSinn.com. It is a membership site in partnership with the exciting and excitable, unforgettable Sinn Sage. Once you've seen one of her sexy spanking movies you'll be hooked! Sinn loves spanking with girl/girl eroticism included to wonderful sexual, sensational effect!


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INDEX of all CPE Sampler Listings

alt="her naughty bottom gets paddled hard!"alt="she gets spanked hard with the riding crop"alt="Samantha Woodley gets an erotic spanking from Ashley Fires"alt="the girl/girl spanking continues with the hairbrush on Ashley Fires bare butt"alt="Amber Michael's bare backside is punished with a paddle"alt="Amber Michaels is spanked by Stacy Burke with her asshole and pussy on display"
Just a few of the scenes from
CPE Sampler 6 (CPBG-6)

CPE Samplers
Paddle, hairbrush, crop, strap, hard little hands and more;
All applied to tender bottoms, one after another after....

Whew!  There's a whole lot of spanking goin' on here!

Our CPE Samplers are compiled with care to give you some of the hottest moments from our CPE Features.

These tapes are often close to an hour in length and feature lots and lots of girls getting their bottoms well-warmed. 

For our customers who want a terrific value, these tapes are hard to beat:  Punishments, erotic disciplines, you name it, it's all here in wonderful abundance!


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Johnni Black gives Eve Ellis a discipline spanking
CP-9 (Classics)
Johnni Black gives Eve Ellis
a memorable training lesson

CPE Classics
Video productions that still pack a sting!

$20 each!

These videos feature gorgeous and exciting girls, many of whom were never spanked in any other company's productions.  Some of these young ladies no longer participate in productions at all. Because these videos are a little older, the technical quality is not like that found in our current productions. But, the stories and spanking scenes are still completely hot and enjoyable. Many customers consider these older productions to be "classics" and feel the loss of them on the spanking video market would be a real shame.

We're happy  to offer these earlier productions featuring our signature style and great ladies.

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Technical flaws include:
Some white picture noise at the bottom of the screen.
Some sound drop-outs or sound level inconsistencies.
Not all of the videos in the Classics collection have these flaws. But, we felt we should be honest about the deterioration some of them suffered before we were able to get them onto DVD masters where they won't suffer any more damage

NOTE: Watch any of these titles right now with CPE STREAMING


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Just one production, so far, but it's pretty special, so check it out!

CPX-1    SpaceGirls!
                Starring: Ashley Fires, Amber "Pixie" Welles & Chelsea Pfeiffer


                Directed by Chelsea Pfeiffer
                Director of Photography & Special Effects, Lawrence Selden

                Music by LongJohn Williams


See the SpaceGirls production stills & read the story outline


Index to CPE Features

Please Note:  CP-1 through CP-79 are now available for just $20 each; see CPE Classics

Click on any number to see photos and read a complete description of that production

To see the photos and read the descriptions for  ALL these titles, go directly to the Illustrated Catalog

CP-80    Cheaters and Charmers
                Starring: Darby Daniels & Gabriella Jeannine

CP-81    Crime Never Pays
                Starring: Catalina L'Amour & Dorian Grant

CP-82    The Pest, The Drunk, Her Dress and a Joke
                Starring: Molly Matthews & Cheyenne

CP-83    A Star is Warmed
                Starring: Amber Michaels & Stacy Burke

CP-84    Serviced by Specialists
                Starring: Lexie & Sadie Belle

CP-85    Chelsea's Present Predicament
                Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer & Dorian Grant

CP-86    To Give or To Receive
                Starring:  Amber Michaels & Alex Foxe

CP-87    The Worst Driver in The World, and Other Irritations (CP87)
               Starring: Amber Michaels & Darby Daniels

CP-88    Rudely Interrupted & A Bad Vacation
               Starring: Julie Simone & Courtney Chambers

CP-89    Spanks For Thanks
               Starring: Cleo Nichole & Beaudean Biggs

CP-90    C.P. Invitational, 2
               Starring: Julie Simone, Venus & Eva Lux

CP-91    Room(mate) for Improvement
               Starring: Eva Lux & Cassandra Knight

CP-92    Perfectly Delicious
               Starring: Paris & Stacy Burke

CP-93    House Rules
               Starring: Samantha Woodley & Ashley Fires

CP-94   Chelsea's Cute Competitor
               Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea

CP-95    A Trio of Tales
               Starring: Eve Ellis & Chelsea

CP-96    Soccer Moms Spank Off
               Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea

CP-97    Strict Accounting
               Starring: Paris & Darling, with Chelsea

CP-98    A Dicey Situation
               Starring: Ashley Fires & Asia

CP-99    Desperate Homemakers
               Starring: Clare Fonda & Chelsea

CP-100    She Actually Spanks You?
                  Starring: Kayla Paige & Cherry

CP-101   Furthering Education
                  Starring: Samantha Woodley & Sierra Salem, with Chelsea

CP-102   Spanking Web Cam
                  Starring: Sinn Sage & Natali DeMoore with Chelsea

CP-103    Spankorama
                  Starring: Ashley Fires, Stephanie Locke, Gia, Eva Barton,
                                  Julie Simone, Asia, Samantha Woodley & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-104    Strictly Romantic
                  Starring Carolyn Reese & Sinn Sage

CP-105    Stage Moms
                  Starring: Tory Sinclair & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-106    Spankorama II
                  Starring: Samantha Woodley, Anastasia Pierce, Lizzy Madison, Erika Kole,
                                   Helena Hart, Lena Ramone, Genesis & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-107    Take a Hike
                  Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer & Clare Fonda

CP-108    Spankorama iii
Starring: Carolyn Reese, Sinn Sage, Erica Kole, Helena Hart, Cleo Nichole,
Jewell Marceau, Anastasia Pierce & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-109    Never Spanked, But Curious
                  Starring: Carolyn Reese, Vanessa Vanowen & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-110    A Few Easy Lessons
                  Starring: Sinn Sage & Jewell Marceau   

CP-111    Chelsea's Angels
Starring: Madison Young, Ariel X and Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-112    The Spanke Shoppe: Professional Training
                  Starring: Samantha Grace & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-113    Paid and Paid Back
                  Starring: Beverly Bacci & Sarah Gregory with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-114    The Punishment of Pixie
                  Starring: Amber Pixie Wells with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-115    Amy Hunter Double Feature: Crusin' for a Brusin' & Booking a Sore Seat
                  Starring: Amy Hunter with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-116    A Real Taste of It
                  Starring: Cherry Torn with Chelsea Pfeiffer
CP-117    How to Give a Good Spanking
                  Starring: Ariel X with Chelsea Pfeiffer
CP-118    Investment Spanking & On a Short Leash
                  Starring: Molly Matthews with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-119    Insult to Injury & Thoughtless Sarah
                  Starring: Sarah Gregory with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-120    Sticky Fingers
                  Starring: Tara Lynn Foxx with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-121    The Teacher is Punished
                  Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-122    Hit Bottom & The Cheeseboard Incident
                  Starring: Sophie Nova with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-123    Deliberate Provocation & Overexposed
                  Starring: Sarah Gregory with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-124    Ten Promises
                  Starring: Ten Amorette with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-125    A Risqué Method
                  Starring: Mei Mara with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-126    We Sell Spankings!
                  Starring: Dani Hunt with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-127    Naughty Pie
                  Starring: Sophie Nova with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-128    Hot Water
                  Starring: AnnaBelle Lee with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-129   The Gift & Daring Design
                  Starring: Mei Mara with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-130   Hand Thrown & What Chelsea Gets For Being Late
                  Starring: Starry Knight with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-131   The Old Fashioned Way & The Frustration Cure
                  Starring: Stevie Rose with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-132   Late Again!
                  Starring: Stevie Rose with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-133   Suddenly A Spanking & A Visit to the Disciplinarian
                  Starring: Amelia Jane Rutherford  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-134   A Roast for Thanksgiving, Cut A Switch & Reckless Driving
                  Starring: Stevie Rose  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-135   Shopping for a Spanking & The Discipline Session
                  Starring: Christy Cutie  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-136   Environmental Justice & Homemade Valentine
                  Starring: Christy Cutie  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-137   Locked Out & Wait for It
                  Starring: AnnaBelle Lee  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-138   The Punishment Place
                  Starring: Christy Cutie  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-139   Late Again!
                  Starring: Stevie Rose  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-140   The Ela Darling Stories
                  Starring: Ela Darling  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-141   The Red Bottomed Modeling Show
                  Starring: Christy Cutie  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-142   Our Spanking Selfie
                  Starring: Sinn Sage  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-143   Christmas for Christy + One
                  Starring: Christy Cutie  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-144  The Price of Membership
                  Starring: Ela Darling  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-145  Taken to School
                  Starring: Stevie Rose  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-146  New Years Resolution Specialist
                  Starring: Alex Reynolds  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-147  Addie's Pranks
                  Starring: Addie Juniper  with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-148  Spring Break
                  Starring: Christy Cutie with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-149 The Snoop
                  Starring: AnnaBelle Lee with Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-150 Bottom Betrayal & Badly Botched Interview
                  Starring: Thelma Sleaze with Chelsea Pfeiffer


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Index to Chelsea Spanks!

CS-1   Chelsea Spanks Sasha & Darling
             Featuring Sasha Russo & Darling, with Chelsea

CS-2   Chelsea Spanks Ashley & Asia
             Featuring  Ashley Fires & Asia

CS-3  Chelsea Spanks Cherry & Clare
             Featuring Cherry & Clare Fonda

CS-4   Chelsea Spanks Venus & Eva Lux
             Featuring Venus & Eva Lux

CS-5   Chelsea Spanks Carolyn & Lena
             Featuring Carolyn Reese & Lena Ramone

CS-6   Chelsea Spanks Sierra & Jewell
             Featuring Sierra Salem & Jewell Marceau

CS-7   Chelsea Spanks Natalie & Molly
             Featuring Natalie Minx & Molly Matthews

CS-8   Chelsea Spanks Madison & Julie
Featuring Madison Young & Julie Simone

CS-9   Chelsea Spanks Ariel & Krissy
Featuring Ariel X & Krissy

CS-10   Chelsea Spanks Samantha & Heather
Featuring Samantha Grace & Heather Smyth

CS-11   Chelsea Spanks Chloe & Pixie
Featuring Chloe Elise & Amber Pixie Wells

CS-12   Chelsea Spanks Kordelia & AnnaBelle
Featuring Kordelia Devonshire & AnnaBelle Lee

CS-13   Chelsea Spanks Katy & Francesca
Featuring Katy Rose & Francesca Le

CS-14   Chelsea Spanks Veronica & Sinn
Featuring Veronica Daniels & Sinn Sage

CS-15   Chelsea Spanks Kailee & Berlin
Featuring Kailee & Berlin

CS-16   Chelsea Spanks Mina & Sara
Featuring Mina Meow & Sara Faye

CS-17   Chelsea Spanks Melanie & Jade
Featuring Melanie Jayne & Jade Indica

CS-18   Chelsea Spanks Sarah & Shayne
Featuring Sarah Gregory & Shayne Ryder

CS-19   Chelsea Spanks Amelia-Jane and Angela & Molly
Featuring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Angela Ryan & Molly Matthews

CS-20   Chelsea Spanks Abigail & Amy
Featuring Abigail Whittaker and Amy Hunter

CS-21   Chelsea Spanks Elizabeth & January
Featuring Elizabeth Anne & January Seraph

CS-22   Chelsea Spanks Elizabeth & Snow
Featuring Elizabeth Sherman & Snow Mercy

CS-23   Chelsea Spanks Derek & Cherry
Featuring Derek Synklaire and Cherry Torn

CS-24   Chelsea Spanks Dia & Kat
Featuring Dia Zerva and Katherine St. James

CS-25   Chelsea Spanks Charlotte & Sarah
Featuring Charlotte Vale and Sarah Blake

CS-26   Chelsea Spanks Alicia & Sophie
Featuring Alicia Panettiere and Sophie Nova

CS-27   Chelsea Spanks Sandy & Tara Lynn
Featuring Sandy Skaarsgard and Tara Lynn Foxx

CS-28   Chelsea Spanks Carolyn & Jewell
Featuring Carolyn Reese and Jewell Marceau

CS-29   Chelsea Spanks Alexis & Ten
Featuring Alexis Steele and Ten Amorette

CS-30   Chelsea Spanks Alex & Mei
Featuring Alex Reynolds & Mei Mara

CS-31   Chelsea Spanks Dani & Cheyenne
Featuring Dani Daniels & Cheyenne Jewel

CS-32   Chelsea Spanks Vicki & Ginger
Featuring Vicki Chase & Ginger Snaps

CS-33   Chelsea Spanks Stevie & Starry
Featuring Stevie Rose & Starry Knight

CS-34   Chelsea Spanks Christy & Addie
Featuring Christy Cutie & Addie Juniper

CS-35  Chelsea Spanks Casey & Ela
Featuring Casey Calvert & Ela Darling

CS-36  Chelsea Spanks Thelma
Featuring Thelma Sleaze

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Index to Chelsea Spanks Specials!

CSS-1   A Clare Violation
             Featuring Clare Fonda with Chelsea

CSS-2   A Tricky Treat
             Featuring  Clare Fonda with Chelsea

CSS-3  In The Christmas Spirits
             Featuring Carolyn Reese & Clare Fonda

CSS-4  So, You Want To Be A Spanking Star?
             Featuring Amber Pixie Wells with Chelsea

CSS-5   The Lena Ramone Stories
             Featuring Lena Ramone with Chelsea

CSS-6   The Lizzy Madison Stories
             Featuring Lizzy Madison with Chelsea

CSS-7   The AnnaBelle Lee Stories
             Featuring Natalie Minx & Molly Matthews

CSS-8   The Amber Pixie Wells Stories
Featuring Amber Pixie Wells with Chelsea

CSS-9   The Jewell & Cleo Stories
Featuring Jewell Marceau & Cleo Nichole

CSS-10   The Krissy Stories
Featuring Krissy with Chelsea

CSS-11   The Chelsea &Carolyn Stories
Featuring Carolyn Reese with Chelsea

CSS-12   The Natalie & Molly Stories
Featuring Natalie Minx & Molly Matthews

CSS-13   The Carolyn Reese Stories
Featuring Carolyn Reese with Chelsea

CSS-14   The Francesca, Carolyn & Chelsea Stories
Featuring Francesca Le, Carolyn Reese & Chelsea

CSS-15   The Madison Young Stories
Featuring Madison Young with Chelsea

CSS-16   The Darby, Tory & Chelsea Stories
Featuring Darby Daniels, Tory Sinclair & Chelsea

CSS-17   The Kailee Stories
Featuring Kailee with Chelsea

CSS-18   The Mina Meow Stories
Featuring Mina Meow with Chelsea

CSS-19   The AnnaBelle Lee 2 Stories
Featuring AnnaBelle Lee with Chelsea

CSS-20   The Kendra James Stories
Featuring Kendra James with Chelsea

CSS-21   The Ariel & Natalie Stories
Featuring Ariel X & Natalie Minx

CSS-22   The Carolyn Reese Stories 2
Featuring Carolyn Reese with Chelsea

CSS-23   The Amber Pixie Wells Stories 2
Featuring Amber Pixie Wells with Chelsea

CSS-24   The Jade Indica Stories
Featuring Jade Indica with Chelsea

CSS-25   The Amelia-Jane Rutherford Stories
Featuring Amelia-Jane Rutherford  with Chelsea

CSS-26   The Francesca Le Stories
Featuring Francesca Le  with Chelsea

CSS-27   The Kailee & Chelsea Stories
Featuring Kailee with Chelsea

CSS-28   The Sarah Gregory Stories
Featuring Sarah Gregory with Chelsea

CSS-29   The Amy Hunter Stories
Featuring Amy Hunter with Chelsea

CSS-30   The AnnaBelle Lee Stories 3
Featuring AnnaBelle Lee with Chelsea

CSS-31   The Courtney Chambers
Featuring Courtney Chambers with Chelsea

CSS-32   The January Seraph
Featuring January Seraph with Chelsea

CSS-33   The Lynn Love Stories
Featuring Lynn Love with Chelsea

CSS-34   The Jade Indica Stories 2
Featuring Jade Indica with Chelsea

CSS-35   The Teacher is Punished II: Highly Inappropriate
Featuring Kailee with Chelsea

CSS-36   Misfiled & Debriefed
Featuring Sophie Nova with Chelsea

CSS-37   The Chelsea Pfeiffer Method
Featuring Elise Graves with Chelsea

CSS-38   The Jade Indica Stories 3
Featuring Jade Indica with Chelsea

CSS-39   The Chelsea, Ariel & Natalie Stories
Featuring Ariel X and Natalie Minx  with Chelsea

CSS-40   The Kat St. James Stories
Featuring Kat St. James  with Chelsea

CSS-41   The Ashley Graham Stories
Featuring Ashley Graham  with Chelsea

CSS-42   So, You Thought You Liked It
Featuring Carolyn Reese  with Chelsea

CSS-43   Avenging Miss Grundy
Featuring Ten Amorette  with Chelsea

CSS-44   Your Apples are Hanging Out & How to Handle It
Featuring Lily Cade  with Chelsea

CSS-45   Deliberate Mischief
Featuring Casey Calvert  with Chelsea

CSS-46   Can Ela's Marriage Be Saved?
Featuring Ela Darling  with Chelsea

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Index to Chelsea's Birthday Spankings!

CBS-1   Birthday Spanking 2005
             Featuring Clare Fonda with Chelsea

CBS-2   Birthday Spanking 2006
             Featuring  Clare Fonda with Chelsea

CBS-3  Birthday Spanking 2007
             Featuring Carolyn Reese with Chelsea

CBS-4  Birthday Spanking 2008 - Chelsea makes others take her birthday spanks!
             Featuring Sinn Sage, Ariel X, Natalie Minx and Carolyn Reese

CBS-5   Birthday Spanking 2009
             Featuring Sinn Sage with Chelsea

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Index to Spank Sinn moives

             Featuring Sinn Sage with Chelsea

SS-2    Stepmom Takes Control
             Featuring Sinn Sage with Chelsea

SS-3    White Wedding
             Featuring Sinn Sage with Natalie Minx

SS-4    Sinn's Return & Sinn's Revenge
             Featuring Sinn Sage with Chelsea


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Index to CPE Samplers

    C.P. Sampler #1
                  Scenes from CPE's first 18 videos

CPBG-2   C.P. Sampler #2
                  Scenes from CP-19 through CP-38

CPBG-3   C.P. Sampler #3
                  Scenes from CP-39 through CP-52

CPBG-4   C.P. Sampler #4
                  Scenes from CP-53 through CP-64

CPBG-5   C.P. Sampler #5
                  Scenes from CP-65 through CP-78

CPBG-6   C.P. Sampler #6
                  Scenes from CP-79 through CP-99


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Index to CPE Classics


CP-1  The Bend-Over Make-Over Plan
           Starring: Catalina L'Amour & Kristine Imboch

CP-2  Tanning the Temps
           Starring: Stacy Burke & Kelsie Chambers

CP-3  For Victoria's Proper Behavior
           Starring: Catharine Beaumont &
                           Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-4  Sore Feelings at the Office
           Starring: Tory Sinclair, Artemis Antone
                            & Randi Storm

CP-5  Bountiful, Blushing Beauties
           Starring: Kelly Ashton & Sadie Atkins

CP-6  A Hot Hand 
           Starring: Olivia Chase & Tasha Welch

CP-7  Fresh & Hot, Like from the Oven
           Starring: Eve Ellis, Shelley Powell
                           & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-8  Morgan's Three Ordeals
           Starring: Morgan Phoenix & Sharon Kane

CP-9  Booty Training
           Starring: Eve Ellis & Johnni Black

CP-10  C.P. Theatre
             Starring: Tory Sinclair, Devin Demoore,
                             Michelle Yamada & Kathy Douglas

CP-11  Maid to be Naughty
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Venus De Light

CP-12  Laid Over
             Starring: Kelly Ashton & Stella DuBois

CP-13  The Return of the Spanke Shoppe
             Starring: Jewell Marceau & Stacy Burke

CP-14  The Firm Hand of Fate
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Sasha Garcia

CP-15  Poetic Justice
             Starring: Eve Ellis & Kelly Ashton

CP-16  The C.P. Invitational
             Starring: Tory Sinclair & Devin Demoore,
                              Kathy Douglas & Michelle Yamada,
                              and Carolyn Reese & Eve Ellis

CP-17  Not Too Delicately Handled
             Starring: Catalina L'Amour & Darian L'Amour

CP-18  Private Matters
Starring: Morgan Phoenix & Kristine Imboch

CP-19  Spanking the Grease Monkeys
             Starring: Shawna Lake, Amber Ellan
                             & Victoria Jane

CP-20  Spanked by a Stranger
             Starring: Stella DuBois & Tasha Welch

CP-21 Therapy
             Starring: Veronica Ford & Sharon Kane

CP-22  Just Like Old Times
             Starring: Venus DeLight & Randi Rage

CP-23  To Spank a Thief
             Starring: Stacy Burke & Tory Sinclair

CP-24  The Gold Digger & the Sneak
             Starring: Talia Monet & Amber Ellan

CP-25  Hot Property
             Starring: Kelly Ashton & Devin Demoore

CP-26  Spanke Shoppe: The Office Visit
             Starring: Eve Ellis & Andrea Neal

CP-27  Give 'til it Hurts
             Starring: Kristine Imboch & Shawna Lake

CP-28  A Very Warm Reunion
             Starring: Talia MonÄt & Crystal White

CP-29  Spanking a Very Naughty Genie
             Starring: Jessica Eden & Andrea Neal

CP-30  Backhand/Foreplay
             Starring: Veronica Ford & Elise di Medici

CP-31  Politically Corrected
             Starring: Dorothy Laine & Cleo Nichole

CP-32  The Spanking Match
             Starring: Elise di Medici & Stella DuBois

CP-33  Red Hot Ratings
             Starring: Johnni Black & Venus DeLight

CP-34  Perfect Little Ladies
             Starring: Carolyn Reese, Victoria Jane
                             & Queenie Avalon

CP-35  Dance to the Rhythm
             Starring: Stacy Burke & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-36  What's This Fine Mess?
             Starring: Jessica Eden & Amber Ellan

CP-37  My Favorite Color
             Starring: Veronica Ford & Dorothy Laine

CP-38  My Naughty Sister
             Starring: Andrea Neal & Cleo Nichole

CP-39  A Real Spanking
             Starring: Eve Ellis & Darby Daniels



CP-40  Blackmailed & Spanked
             Starring: Jewell Marceau & Nikki Steele

CP-41  Still Needing One
              Starring: Tasha Welch & Nikki Steele

CP-42  Un-Maid for Each Other
             Starring: Jessica Eden & Cleo Nichole

CP-43  Spanked by Request
             Starring: Darby Daniels & Meitze Katzen

CP-44  The Truth About Eve
             Starring: Eve Ellis & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-45  Pajama Party Punishment
             Starring: Eve Ellis, Andrea Neal & Tasha Welch

CP-46  Something Borrowed, Something Red
             Starring: Catalina L'Amour & Oceana

CP-47  How to Handle a House Sitter
             Starring: Nikki Steele & Meitze Katzen

CP-48  Spanking the Sneak
             Starring: Johnni Black & Amber Ellan

CP-49  The Punished Professor
             Starring: Tory Sinclair & Gino Colletti

CP-50  The Smoke-Ender
             Starring: Darby Daniels & Madison

CP-51  Her First Time
             Starring: Johnni Black & Cassandra Knight

CP-52  Strict Deadlines
              Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer & Catherine Beaumont

CP-53  Adventures in Discipline
             Starring: Miss Kitty & Ginger

CP-54  The Warm-Up
             Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer & Allison Brach

CP-55  The Beauty Treatment
             Starring: Cleo Nichole & Taylor St. Claire

CP-56  Wide Open
             Starring: Meitze Katzen & Cassandra Knight

CP-57  Exchange of Punishment
             Starring: Nikki Darlin & Virginia Lewis

CP-58  The Best of Eve Ellis
             Starring: Eve Ellis

CP-59  Special Services
             Starring: Dorian Grant & Whitney Prescott

CP-60  Gamma Sigma Sorority
             Starring: Kristine Imboch, Dorothy Laine
                             & Molly Matthews

CP-61  Severely Tested
             Starring: Eve Ellis, Jewell Marceau
                             & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-62  Tough Luck
              Starring: Venus De Light, Stacy Burke
                              & Andrea Neal

CP-63  The Wrong Answer
             Starring: Molly Mathews & Nova

CP-64  Spanking 101
             Starring: Johnni Black, Olivia Chase
                             & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-65  C.P. Theatre, Number 2
             Starring: Cheyenne & Dorian Grant

CP-66  C.P. Theatre, Number 3
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Tanya Danielle

CP-67  Mischievous Michelle
             Starring: Darby Daniels & Alex Foxe

CP-68  The Panty Punishment
             Starring: Nikki Darlin & Cleo Nichole

CP-69  C.P. Theatre, Number 4
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Stacy Burke

CP-70 The Trouble with Cheerleaders
             Starring: Molly Matthews & Dorian Grant

CP-71  C.P. Theatre, Number 5
             Starring: Tory Sinclair & Carolyn Reese

CP-72  C.P. Theatre, Number 6
             Starring: Andrea Neal & Jewell Marceau

CP-73  The Suggestion Box
             Starring: Tory Sinclair & Dorian Grant

CP-74  Who's Naughty Now
             Starring: Cleo Nichole & Greta Carlson

CP-75  Forgetfulness and Lies
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Jewell Marceau

CP-76  The French Tutor
             Starring: Gabriella Jeannine & Stella DuBois

CP-77  Eve's Revenge
             Starring: Eve Ellis & Chelsea Pfeiffer

CP-78  Wedding Bell Black and Blues
             Starring: Sabrina Stone & Carolyn Reese

CP-79  Carolyn's Valentine Surprise
             Starring: Carolyn Reese & Nikki Darlin

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