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These videos are taken from the photoplays on our members' site, GoodSpanking.com. Photoplays from one day of shooting are compiled into short video stories which run back-to-back, so you get the entire day's shoot on one DVD! Most are shorter in running time than our usual videos, thus the amazingly low price of only $20 each! Lots of lovely ladies. Lots of serious spankings, paddlings, strappings and even some canings. Lots of snappy, snazzy, funny and clever stories!

Can Ela's Marriage Be Saved?

Featuring Ela Darling with Chelsea
17  Minutes
$20 DVD



The Story:
After a quick visit with Chelsea, Ela forgets her purse and phone. Before Ela has a chance to get back to Chelsea's place, while Chelsea is noticing Ela's forgotten belongings, a very naughty text message (which Chelsea can't help but read) comes in from a man and NOT the one Ela is married to. Chelsea takes this more personally than one might, because Ela's husband is Chelsea's ex. Chelsea graciously stepped aside when he confessed his feelings for Ela, but she's not about to step aside when she sees him being cuckolded.


The Action::
Over Chelsea's knee goes Ela and the spanking begins. To Ela, any spanking is a hard spanking and Chelsea's energetic approach makes the lovely, leggy blonde whine and whale. Ela's sheer red panties come off in due time and the vulnerability of this is not lost on Ela who clutches at the couch and trying to pull herself away. She's not going anywhere and soon Chelsea is paddling Ela's perfect posterior with a nice, leather paddle!





Deliberate Mischief

Featuring Casey Calvert with Chelsea
20  Minutes
$20 DVD



The Story:
Casey can't help herself. She wants attentions and she knows how to get it. She deliberately goes about the house, moving objects, tilting paintings...anything she can think of that will drive the slight obsessive compulsive Chelsea to makes things right! Not once, not twice, but three times in one day pushes Chelsea into action!


The Action::
Chelsea takes Casey over her knee for the punishment spanking Casey's obviously been seeking. Soon, after a little dusting over Casey's Daisy Dukes, Chelsea instructs Casey to remove her clothes. The naked nymph goes back over Chelsea's knee for some more serious hand spanking and paddling. Chelsea then decides to take things a little further and puts a collar and leash on the lovely, naked Casey. After making Casey go for "walkies", Chelsea kisses her little lovely and then she instructs Casey to knee on the chair for a flogging, followed by a strapping!





Your Apples Are Hanging Out &
How to Handle It

Featuring Lily Cade with Chelsea
33  Minutes
$20 DVD



Story One: Lily comes home from a job interview dressed shockingly inappropriate. Chelsea's only trying to help her friend land a good job and so she mentions the bad wardrobe selection. When Lily acts out, condescendingly criticizing Chelsea's job interview clothing ideas, Chelsea finds that she must take that one step further to help Lily understand what's good in the work place and what's not!
Story Two: On a visit to Chelsea's place, her friend Lily explains how she got back at their mutual friend for gossiping and saying bad things about Lily, in particular. As a masseuse, Lily is expected to respect her clients when they lay naked on her table, trusting themselves to her. Instead, the mutual friend is treated to a stinging spanking from Lily. Chelsea is astonished at Lily's bad choice in the matter, no matter how bad their friend has been. For betraying their friend's trust and putting her job in jeopardy, Lily quickly finds herself over Chelsea's knee and not long after that her bottom is bright red!

Lily is a tomboy with a very womanly full figure. She's also a first class brat!





Avenging Miss Grundy

Featuring Ten Amorette with Chelsea
25  Minutes
$20 DVD


Ten attended her ten year high school class reunion and got bored. So, she and a few of her homies decided to break into old, strict Miss Grundy's classroom and trash it. One can certainly guess what happened when Chelsea got wind of that. Ten's bottom is soon bright red as Chelsea goes to work punishing the rude girl! Chelsea goes at it with her hardest hand spanks, then a paddle and finally a strap! You can bet Ten is very, very sorry once she's been properly disciplined and her bottom is tender and hot.









So, You Thought You Liked It

Featuring Carolyn Reese with Chelsea
30  Minutes
$20 DVD


Chelsea overhears Carolyn on the phone telling a friend how much fun she had when she first started shooting spanking videos at the age of 19. Chelsea's only too happy to help Carolyn experience more of that "fun"! She coaxes Carolyn over her knee and the fun begins. A long OTK spanking is exactly what Carolyn needed, but then comes the hairbrush, two different straps and a small, but very effective paddle! Carolyn gets all she wanted and more!









The Ashley Graham Stories

Featuring Ashley Graham with Chelsea
45  Minutes
$20 DVD


The Wrong Question
Writer Ashley Graham winds up her interview with Chelsea by asking why there isn't a series called, "Chelsea Gets Spanked," to go along with the "Chelsea Spanks," video series. Chelsea explains, but Ashley persists. Uh, oh, Ashley!
Ashley gets it good with a long, hard hand spanking, a hairbrush spanking and a paddling!

It's Just the Thing to Do
Ashley's carrying on with her friend on the phone about how spanking is all the rage these days. "Spanking is really in right now!" she says and Chelsea overhears this intriguing conversation...
Over Chelsea's knee Ashley goes and gets a butt burning hand spanking AND a strapping!










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