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These movies are taken from our site, www.SpankSinn.com. It is a membership site in partnership with the exciting and excitable, unforgettable Sinn Sage. Once you've seen one of her sexy spanking movies you'll be hooked! Sinn loves spanking with girl/girl eroticism included to wonderful sexual, sensational effect!

All of Sinn's videos are available on DVD and, of course, through her site which is updated  with four new clips and lots of photos, weekly.

Sinn's Return & Sinn's Revenge
Starring: Sinn Sage with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
52 Minutes
DVD $29.95




Story One: This is reality spanking time, as Sinn returns home after her scary snowboarding accident that kept her in a hospital in Canada for nearly a month. Chelsea is very happy to see her sweet friend, but decides to give Sinn a spanking for scaring the bejeezus out of all of us by hurting herself to badly by not wearing a helmet while snowboarding. Don't worry, it's not such a strict spanking. It's rather erotic, actually, as Chelsea knows Sinn prefers erotic spanking to punishment ones. That doesn't mean Sinn doesn't like it hard...she does...she REALLY does. And, Chelsea delivers with a hard hand, a leather paddle and her black leather, steel reinforced strap! Sinn is left with a bright red, burning bottom that leaves her warm inside and makes her feel warmly welcomed home.


Story Two: It's back to storyline time, because Chelsea knew Sinn couldn't take a 50 minute spanking as her first after so long. So, Chelsea agrees to take a good, hard spanking from Sinn in a sequel to the evil stepmom storyline (SS-2).

Sinn finds a credit card statement that's run up quite a bit. She knows her father doesn't approve of such things, so she knows that her stepmom must be hiding it from her father. Finally! A chance to humiliate her evil stepmom the way she was humiliated!

Sinn forces Chelsea into taking a spanking, or else she'll tell her father about the credit card balance. Chelsea must submit to an OTK hand spanking, a paddling and a strapping...the likes of which Chelsea usually administers! Chelsea (unfortunately for her) has taught Sinn well.




White Wedding (SS-3)
Starring: Sinn Sage with
Natalie Minx
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95




The Story:  It's wedding night for Sinn and Natalie and the two celebrate romantically with sex and spanking!

They start out kissing and caressing, but soon we find out that what really turns the ladies on are hot spankings!

Each girl gets her turn, as she is hand spanked, caressed, spanked some more and then kissed and tickled erotically and intimately.

A hairbrush is introduced and used to further their fervor! Soon, they reach the pinnacle of their sexual excitement and dissolve into each others arms to make wedding night love!




Stepmom Takes Control (SS-2)
Starring: Sinn Sage with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
52 Minutes
DVD $29.95




The Story:  Sinn sneaks home during the early hours to find her stepmother, Chelsea, waiting for her...strap in hand. Sinn's in trouble and if she wants her evil stepmom to keep from telling her father how late she's come home, Sinn must submit to a cavalcade of humiliating punishments that Chelsea has planned.

First Chelsea yanks her impudent step daughter over her knee for a stinging hand spanking, complete with some not-so-motherly attentions that arouse Sinn in spite of herself. Not that the spanking doesn't. Sinn can't help but be turned on as her bottom turns rosy red!

From there, a hairbrush spanking turns Sinn's beautiful bubble butt even redder and then Chelsea makes Sinn get into the diaper position for more hairbrush punishment. The handle of the hairbrush is "creatively employed" for a rather erotic form of punishment, as well, after which Sinn is forced to suck on the handle of the brush while she's being paddled.

Then, Sinn is strapped and cropped and along the way punished in more erotic fashion before evil stepmom is appeased.




Trespassing (SS-1)
Starring: Sinn Sage with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
29 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The Story Behind the Story: Many of you already know that we at Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment have partnered with Sinn Sage in a very successful, just over a year old site called www.SpankSinn.com. The movies on the site have become considerable in that time and we've decided to release them here, in a new section of our inventory, the SS series. This movie is one of the best of the best on the site and the perfect introduction to Sinn and what she's been up to on her own site. Sinn often has lots to say about what we're shooting and the mood she wants to convey and since we wanted her site to reflect her personality, we let her have her way. She wanted Chelsea to be mean in this story, which was of her own invention!


The Story:  Sinn, while on a little day hike, suddenly needs to relieve herself. She goes off the trail a ways to seek some privacy so she can lower her pants and pee. Problem is, she happens to have wandered onto forest dweller Chelsea's property...right past the NO TRESPASSING sign. At least Chelsea says there was a sign.
Chelsea catches Sinn, not only trespassing, but peeing on her property and then there's hell to pay! Chelsea drags Sinn over to a large rock, seats herself and drags her trespasser over her knee. A traditional OTK spanking occurs before Chelsea reaches into her rucksack and brings out a small crop. Sinn is roughly undressed and bent over the rock so Chelsea can work the implement all over Sinn's gorgeous (and already red) bottom.
Chelsea has more tricks in her rucksack, too. She takes out leather cuffs and secures Sinn to a tree, which enables the kinky property owner to work the crop over other parts of Sinn's body, too, including Sinn's sensitive pussy. But, enough fun for Sinn. After a flogging, during which Chelsea uses the handle of the crop to perform some inventive and sexually suggestive tricks on Sinn, Chelsea bends Sinn over and secures the nubile nude with the cuffs through the center of Sinn's jeans. Forcibly bent over, again, Sinn is spanked even more. Sinn endures even more punishment and sexual humiliation before this exciting, never-a-dull moment movie is concluded!




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