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What's This Fine Mess? (CP36)

Starring: Jessica Eden & Amber Ellan
35 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Oooh, don't get your accountant mad! That;s the lesson Georgia (Amber) learns when she drops a scrambled mess of tax documents onto Elaine's (Jessica) desk. "Haven't you ever heard of file folders?" Elaine asks.

Georgia is organizationally challenged, but Elaine is ready to aid in her reeducation. Stinging, barebottom spanks teach Georgia the importance of proper record keeping.

But Elaine isn't perfect. She's unable to say "no" to boyfriends who offer long, luxurious lunches. When Elaine's inattention to Georgia's tax returns results in an audit, Georgia doesn't hesitate to provide a fannywarming lesson which makes her pretty accountant wriggle and squirm with discomfort.



My Favorite Color (CP37)

Starring: Veronica Ford & Dorothy Laine
30 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Donna (Veronica) is a little embarrassed to take off her clothes, even though it's only to model for her artist friend Amelia (Dorothy). Nonetheless, Donna wants an erotic portrait of herself for her boyfriend and trusts Amelia to do the job.

But Amelia's abstraction isn't what Donna had in mind! Furious, she lowers Amelia's tight little black panties for a serious spanking. Dissatisfied with her results, Donna proceeds to strip Amelia naked, increasing her humiliation, as first the hand and next the hard wooden paddle combine to ensure that Amelia will only work while standing at the easel for a few days!

It's lucky for Amelia that not all critics agree. An unexpected sale of Donna's "portrait" inspires Amelia to create again. Only this time, RED will be the color and Donna's squirming backside will be the only canvas this artist needs!


My Naughty Sister (CP38)

Starring: Andrea Neal & Cleo Nichole
30 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

There's no adversary like a woman's own sister. When you have to take action to keep your boyfriends, no measure is too extreme!

Carolyn (Andrea) calls a "family meeting," but sister Chrissie (Cleo) is the only guest. Before Chrissie has a chance to defend herself, she finds herself across her big sister's lap receiving some punishing "tough love". The hand and stinging hairbrush quickly teach this overgrown brat a bright, blushing lesson.

Revenge is on Chrissie's mind when the opportunity finally comes to take Carolyn by surprise. And what a hot, bottom burning surprise it is!


A Real Spanking (CP39)

Starring: Eve Ellis & Darby Daniels
30 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Lots of women get sore at work, but not like Eve Ellis: As a CPE actress, she most often ends her workday wishing to remain on her feet to relax! Consequently, she gets a little peevish when her too shy for videos roommate, Darby, says that Eve deserves a "real" spanking for neglecting her share of the household chores. Recklessly, Eve drapes herself across Darby's lap and dares her to proceed.

At first, Darby is just as hesitant as Eve had imagined. But soon, Eve is receiving a fanny warming that makes the lovely redhead flail and squirm! Is Eve's friend more interested in spanking then she's willing to admit?

As Darby showers, Eve discovers a GoodSpanking magazine tucked beneath the cover of Darby's bed. Eve knows when a girl's been naughty, and she knows just what to do about it. Soon, Darby will know how the women in those pictures feel, with their sore, red bottoms enticingly displayed!.


Blackmailed & Spanked (CP40)

Starring: Jewell Marceau & Nikki Steele
35 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Inexperienced and naive, Julia Mitchell (Jewell) just wants to help her young hubby succeed at the office. She visits the home of his tyrannical boss, Mr. Overmann, hoping that his wife will help. But what little Julia doesn't know is about to hurt her especially on her pert rear end! Cameron Overmann (Nikki) turns out to be even more ruthless than her husband. Mrs. Overmann's idea of entertainment is to blackmail Julia in exchange for assistance. Julia is forced to perform the duties of Mrs. Overmann's "pet", and when Cameron's pet displeases her, stinging spanking follow. Stripped naked, Julia must endure the added humiliation of having her bare, red cheeks licked, squeezed and spread during punishment.

But when the evil Overmanns are caught in an embezzlement scam, the power structure changes quickly! It's time for Cameron to receive the punishment she deserves; a taste of her own medicine. Julia is intent upon thorough revenge, as spank after spank burns Cameron's bottom cheeks until she can feel the heat creeping toward her own exposed ass crack!


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