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Tasha Welch & Oliva Chase - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

A Hot Hand (CP-6)

Starring Olivia Chase & Tasha Welch
40 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Left alone by their hubbies, Darlene (Olivia) and Susan (Tasha) can't help but get themselves in trouble. Armed with a deck of cards and a bottle of tequila, these two beauties are soon half naked as they bluff and blush their way through a game of strip poker. Hoping to keep her panties up, Darlene goes for broke. If she loses the next hand, Susan can spank her -- the same way Darlene's husband would. Poor Darlene! All she wins is a quick trip across Susan's knee, where her naughty, bare backside pays her debt. But Susan has a confession of cheating to make -- and soon her naked, red bottom is proof that Darlene has the winning hand, after all!



Eve Ellis & Shelley Monroe - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Fresh and Hot, Like From the Oven (CP-7)

Starring Eve Ellis & Shelley Powell, with Chelsea Pfeiffer
40 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Home Economics class was never like this. Once again, Renee (Eve) and Sandi (Shelley) don't have the money to pay even the modest rent which Chelsea requires. But maybe, Renee reasons, if they bake a cake for Chelsea to take to her boyfriend's birthday party, they won't get punished like last time! Alas, neither Renee nor Sandi display any baking skills, whatsoever. When hapless Sandi pulls the cake from the oven it's not just fallen, it looks like it's been dropped from a second story window. Renee is furious and bares Sandi's cute behind for a sizzling spanking. Renee gets so caught up in paddling Sandi that she neglects the icing on the stove. Burnt icing leads to a sore, pink bottom for Renee, as Sandi evens the score. There's barely enough time to try and repair the cake before Chelsea returns -- and their efforts aren't very successful. Poor Chelsea, she simply has no choice but to take down the ladies' panties and deliver a stinging lesson in personal responsibility.



Morgan Phoenix & Sharon Kane - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Morgan's Three Ordeals (CP-8)

Starring Morgan Phoenix & Sharon Kane
40 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Morgan is as brave as she is beautiful. Still, even the brave bite their lower lips a little when they discover that they're about to take a trip across stern Sharon Kane's knee. And poor Morgan -- she was scheduled for not one, but three stinging  sessions! First, Morgan is Celeste, a snooty, pure-bred equestrienne who pays dearly for abusing her horse. She learns her lesson as Sharon mounts Celeste, the better to train her with the wicked riding crop. If only Morgan's troubles were over. Next she's Ellen, dawdling in the shower until Sharon bends the naked, wet woman right over the bathroom counter, causing her to blush from top to pert bottom. Finally, Morgan is wondering what form her next spanking will take when Sharon kindly volunteers that they can end the suspense right there in the dressing room. Too startled to protest, Morgan is pulled across Sharon's lap for a dose of firm hairbrush discipline, which leaves her with a sore reminder of a hard day's modeling work.



Johnni Black & Eve Ellis - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Booty Training (CP-9)

Starring Eve Ellis & Johnni Black
35 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

When a beautiful starlet (Eve) learns she's lost a prime movie part, she becomes convinced it's due to some flaw in her nearly perfect fanny. There's nothing for her to do except to contract a Personal Trainer (Johnni). Johnni wastes no time getting to the bottom of Eve's problems with a rigorous regime of booty training. Our starlet is so dedicated to perfection, she barely protests when the training includes stripping stark naked and bending over Johnni's lap, where she endures blistering spankings designed to tone her tender buns. Imagine Eve's chagrin upon discovering that Johnni's credentials aren't quite what Eve had imagined them to be! Now, it's Johnni's turn for "training". Eve insists that Johnni strip to the buff in order to fully experience the burn on her squirming bare ass!



Devin Demoore & Tory Sincliar - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

C.P. Theatre (CP-10)

Starring Tory Sinclair, Devin Demoore, Michelle Yamada & Kathy Douglas
60 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

It's double trouble for the actresses of our first C.P. Theatre production. First, Kathy and Michelle, two real-life friends, show one another what friends are for. They resolve a domestic disagreement in the only fair way possible. Kathy realizes how badly her friend needs a good, hard spanking to resolve the dispute. But turnabout is always fair play. Michelle reminds Kathy that their drama can result in a different warm ending, as she bares Kathy's pert behind for some firm discipline. In episode two, Tory and Devin are waitress and customer. When Tory serves up sass instead of dinner, Devin pulls down Tory's panties for a stern lesson in customer relations. But when this drama is repeated, Devin discovers that the special treat which she craves isn't on the menu. No problem! Rump roasts and hot-crossed buns are specialties Tory is only too happy too prepare, right at the table!



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