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Because these videos are a little older, the technical quality is not like that found in our current productions. But, the stories and spanking scenes are still completely hot and enjoyable. Many customers consider these older productions to be "classics" and feel the loss of them on the spanking video market would be a real shame.

We're happy  to offer these earlier productions at the great price of only $20 each.

Lorelei & Catalina L'Amour - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

The Bend-Over Make-Over Plan (CP-1) 
Starring Catalina L'Amour & Kristine Imboch
40 Minutes
$20; DVD

Those careless rips in Kris' jeans reveal an adorable behind in need of some sound discipline. And that's just what she receives before agreeing to a complete make-over by her friend, Catalina. Kris' pale white bottom cheeks redden delightfully beneath Catalina's firm hand and hard hairbrush, as Catalina attempts to reform Kris' lackadaisical grooming habits.

Catalina's methods are so effective that soon Kris has a new boyfriend. Only trouble is, it appears as though Catalina is trying to steal him away. Despite her pleading protests, Catalina finds herself across Kris' lap getting a dose of her own medicine. First by hand, next with the stern black strap, Catalina gets a spanking that sets her poor, punished backside on fire.



Stacy Burke & Kelsie Chambers - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertaiment

Tanning the Temps (CP-2)

Starring Stacy Burke & Kelsie Chambers
36 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

When Chelsea hired two darling temporary employees she was expecting them to actually work! But things go wrong from the start. The daydreaming Kelsie is awakened by the repeated slaps of Stacy's hand across Kelsie's cute, round backside. Kelsie's work habits improve just as Stay's disintegrate. After Stacy has spent hours on the phone with her boyfriend, it's Kelsie's turn to teach a lesson. Soon, Stacy's fair fanny is glowing, as she wriggles uncomfortably on Kelsie's lap.

None of this goes over well with Chelsea, who returns to the office to find her two incorrigible temps playing their spanking games. Naturally, Chelsea realizes that it's time to teach these two brats what a real spanking on their naughty bare derrieres feels like!



Catharine Beaumont & Chelsea - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

For Victoria's Proper Behavior (CP-3)

Starring Catharine Beaumont & Chelsea Pfeiffer
40 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

It would be such a better world if today's young woman heeded the timeless social graces. At least, that's how Chelsea seems to feel. And yet, lovely Victoria is at a complete loss when asked to properly prepare and present a simple breakfast. Thank goodness for strict corporal punishment! Victoria quickly learns a new math -- burnt toast equals a toasted, burning bottom. Next, proper dressing habits are addressed with the help of Chelsea's paddle, flogger and strap -- forcefully applied to elegant Victoria's blushing backside. When at last Victoria feels she'll never succeed, she's assured of her value by an intimate bedtime spanking, which Chelsea lovingly hand-delivers.



Artemis Antone & Tory Sinclair-Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Sore Feelings at the Office (CP-4)

Starring Tory Sinclair, Artemis Antone & Randi Storm
40 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

For Lauren (Tory), the beautiful, ambitious executive assistant, the time is up. As humiliating as it seems, she must bend over her desk and raise her skirt -- her boss, Julia (Randi), is about to give Lauren a bare-bottom spanking for stealing a file clerk's money making suggestion. Certain that the clerk, Angela (Artemis), has snitched on her, Lauren completes a fanny-punishing retaliation. But it will cost Lauren another spanking (Angela's revenge) before she learns it was actually the boss who did all the conniving. Still sore, Lauren and Angela team up to pull down the boss' panties and give her a taste of her own medicine. They spank Julia's naked ass as she cries and kicks on the office floor.



Kelly Ashton & Sadie Atkins - Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Bountiful, Blushing Beauties (CP-5)

Starring Kelly Ashton & Sadie Atkins
35 Minutes
$20; VHS and DVD

Kelly is as sure of herself as she is of victory in the Miss Bountiful Pageant. And if fellow contestant Sadie is going to be snotty about this reality then she needs a kindly dose of tough love applied to her squirming behind. Sadie doesn't appreciate having her tail tanned, but she has to admit it's effective. In fact, when Sadie devises a plan to return the favor, she learns exactly the kind of surprising benefits a good spanking can produce -- as the heat from Kelly's reddening derriere begins to spread.




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