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Insult to Injury & Thoughtless Sarah (CP-119)
Starring: Sarah Gregory with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
39 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Story one: Chelsea loves post season basketball, especially when her favorite team is in the finals. She treated Sarah to a ticket in the corporate box, but Sarah was unappreciative and spent the entire game texting friends and getting embarrassingly drunk in front of Chelsea's colleagues. Now, there's a price to be paid and Chelsea's exacting it on Sarah's behind. A long, hard hand spanking is followed by a paddling and then a strapping!

Story Two: It was Sarah's day off and she decided to treat herself to an afternoon with a romance novel. Even better, she found some brand new candles and some champagne. It never occurred to her that they weren't hers and that her roommate might have plans for them. When Chelsea gets home, there was hell to pay. Sarah soon finds herself over Chelsea's knee getting spanked for being so selfish and inconsiderate, The hand spanking doesn't seem to get the apology Chelsea expected, so Chelsea pulls a hairbrush out and it isn't long after feeling the sting of the hard hairbrush that Sarah apologizes...most sincerely!





Investment Spanking & On a Short Leash (CP-118)
Starring: Molly Matthews with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
50 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Story one: What could be better than a Molly Mathews Double Feature? This video is as much a treat to watch as it was to make!
Following the abject failure of my investments, I summoned my financial advisor, Molly Matthews. Her explanation? The market gave investors a good spanking. Ha! Soon Molly would know exactly how that felt!
Over my knee she goes and the punishment spanking begins! I redden Molly's bottom with a spanking over her sexy panties. But, those panties do have to come down if this is to be a proper discipline spanking. Once Molly's been hand spanked good and hard on her bare bottom, I take up a hairbrush. Molly kicks, squirms, moans and squeals as she feel the sting of the hairbrush on her increasingly tender behind.
But, I wasn't finished yet. Next comes the paddle...a large wooden one! After all she's taken, the paddling really gets to her. Just when I think my naughty investment banker can't take anymore, I make her count off 27 more paddle smacks...the number of thousands of dollars I lost to her incompetence!

Story Two: My neighbor, Molly, has a little dog that she leaves alone almost every night while she runs out to party. The poor little doggy barks and barks all night long, disturbing all the neighbors. Finally, I can no longer put up with this animal abuse, or disregard for her neighbors. I invite Molly over for a little "talk." As soon as the unsuspecting red-head sits upon the couch, I jump her and put a doggy collar, with a leash attached, about her neck. I further humiliate her by making HER bark like her poor little dog. Then, I make her take off her dress and get on all fours as I lead her around by the leash, furthering her humiliation. But, that's only the beginning. The spanking begins and soon Molly is pleading for me to stop. I won't stop, though, until she's been caned, as well! Soon it's clear there won't be anymore problems concerning Molly's pooch.






How to Give a Good Spanking
Starring: Ariel X with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
45 Minutes
DVD $29.95

This is an instructional/informational piece on exactly how I give a Good Spanking. Many thanks to Ariel, for volunteering for this daunting task!!
I originally conceived of the idea for this video as a written piece for my blog. But, when plans for another shoot with another girl went awry and Ariel stepped in at the last minute I realized that I had the perfect lady to help me demonstrate exactly how I give spankings...all the way...from beginning to end, complete with implements.
I begin with a simple warm up over Ariel's fetching little short shorts, explaining to you (the viewer) we go. Each step along the way is described and a reason given as to when and why we move from one stage of the spanking to the next.
The spanking begins with all the aspects that I consider to fall within the basic domestic spanking. I use implements that can be found in any household: A hairbrush, a ruler and a wooden spoon.
Then I move on to the more specifically spanking fetish created types of implements, like special paddles. Ariel takes it with my leather paddle and my thick, wooden, heart-shaped paddle.
By the time we're finished, Ariel has taken 45 minutes straight of spanking and the brave woman's bottom is glowing bright RED!










A Real Taste of It
Starring: Cherry Torn with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
42 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Ms. Pfeiffer had her computer technician clean all the company computers and install new software. When he got to Cherry's computer it was clear the blonde had been spending company time visiting SPANKING websites. He reported his findings to the boss, who immediate takes steps to clear up the situation!
Chelsea takes Cherry to task and gives the gorgeous, bubble-bottomed blonde a good taste of what she seems to crave. Cherry is taken over her boss' knee and hand spanked, spanked with a hairbrush, then stripped of her clothing and paddled. As if that weren't enough, Cherry is bent over nude and strapped. Still not satisfied, Chelsea ties Cherry's hands overhead and gives Cherry a good flogging and (finally!) finishes off Cherry's long ordeal with a last bit of strapping to cement the lesson. Whew!
This is a sexy and a bit complex corporal punishment tour-de-force, if we do say so ourselves! Cherry plays it just right, loving and hating her punishment while taking one of the longest, hardest scenes we've ever shot.







Amy Hunter Double Feature:
Crusin' for a Brusin' &
Booking a Sore Seat (CP-115)
Starring: Amy Hunter with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
47 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Story One:  Amy calls in sick for an entire week and boss Chelsea is mighty put out. Especially when she discovers - via over hearing Amy on her cell phone talking to a friend - that Amy actually lied and went on a week long luxury cruise. Oooo! Amy soon finds herself over Chelsea's knee for a long, hard punishment spanking ordeal. First hand, then paddle AND strap and that just the first story!

Story Two: Another day, another office and another naughty Amy! This time, she booked boss Chelsea's trip to Portland, ME, instead of Portland, OR. Wrong coast! All wrong! Bad secretary! Again Amy finds herself over Chelsea's knee and the punishment begins! Hand, hairbrush and wooden paddle. Will she never learn?

Side notes:  Amy is an experienced spankee who has spent many hours over various knees and chairs and...etc. She does most of her work in the U.K. She has a fine, well-toned behind from her love of martial arts. So, you can guess this girl can take it and take it hard! Plus, she's lively, witty and so very pretty! We love her and we know you will, too.





The Punishment of Pixie
Starring: Amber Pixie Wells with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
29 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The Story Behind the Story: Amber Pixie Wells, of  Punished Brats fame, came to the West Coast to make the rounds performing in spanking videos for all the California companies. This has been an annual event during the spring, or summer, every year for four and counting. We always look forward to seeing and spanking Pixie! This year, I had no idea what we were going to shoot with her. We'd done just about every conceivable plot, even Space Girls, with her. Where do you go from there? On the drive to our place I talked to Pixie about it. I asked what she wanted to shoot. She told me she wanted to do something serious, instead of trading witty barbs during the spankings. This is what I came up with...


The Story:  Pixie visits a professional Mistress, Chelsea,  for a session. She explains that she needs discipline, that she needs to be tried to the very end of her limits. Mistress Chelsea understands immediately and has Pixie sign a release of liability. In reality, this is just a mental game/tactic that Chelsea uses to get Pixie into a mindset that causes her to suspend her disbelief for a while, to believe that she really has no control over what is about to happen to her. It works like magic.

Chelsea begins with a traditional OTK spanking, with hand, hairbrush and paddle. But, before the hand spanking is even over, Pixie is already beginning to sniffle. By the time the hairbrush spanking is over and her paddling is being administered, Pixie is bawling...crying REAL TEARS!

Then, Chelsea really gets rolling. Pixie had expressed an interest in trying a little bondage. Having not practiced any in quite a few years, Chelsea was undaunted anyway. She pulled out some rope and tied the now lingerie clad Pixie's wrists together and then over head, facing a post. Pixie's backside was now completely vulnerable, as Pixie now truly was herself. She was unable to get away from Chelsea and anything Chelsea might now choose to do. Chelsea began with the strap. Anybody who has ever seen Chelsea use a strap, upon someone whom she knows can take it, knows how hard Chelsea can snap that implement down...over and over. Pixie began crying again, almost immediately. You'd think Chelsea would have stopped at this point. Instead, Chelsea uses Pixie's panties to gag and therefore silence her. Her mouth, now stuffed with her own panties, Pixie's cries become whimpers and tears stream down her face while Chelsea flogs her charge. The flogger is stretched taut as Chelsea pulls back, then it lands with stinging accuracy upon Pixie fire hot, burning and sore behind! This goes on for quite a while, considering all Pixie's been through up to this point.

Finally, Pixie reaches the end of her ordeal, tears still streaming down her face. Chelsea gently wipes those tears away, unties Pixie and comforts the brave lass with gentle after-care.
In short, this is one of the HOTTEST movies we've ever, ever shot. No foolin'!











Paid and Paid Back (CP-113)
Starring: Beverly Bacci and Sarah Gregory with
Chelsea Pfeiffer
34 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The Story Behind The Story: Beverly and Sarah, of Punished Brats fame, came to the West Coast to make the rounds performing in spanking videos for all the California companies. By the time they got to us, they were both super bruised. But, since they'd paid for their trip themselves and we knew they needed to make all the money they'd planned on making, we didn't have the heart to send them away upon seeing how  marked up their behinds were. So, we trashed the three short scenes we'd planned to shoot with them and quickly came up with this Aunt Chelsea plot. What's a fake aunt to do?
Sarah Gregory came back, if you can believe it, because she wanted me to spank her some more. We did a short to tag on to the end of this video called, "The Un-Happy Birthday Spanking," about a 21 year old who gets so drunk at her birthday party she falls off the bar stool and bruises her behind. Of course, her mom (me) has to spank her for that when she gets home. Sarah was REALLY cute in this one and she took a REALLY good spanking, too!

The Story:  Aunt Chelsea's naughty nieces sneak out of the house to participate in a spanking video production they found out about from an ad in the paper. The spanking video sounds sexually adventurous and the subsequent paycheck doesn't sound too bad, either. They return the evening after with money to spend and bruised bottoms to show for their day's work. Sarah, the younger sister, and Beverly begin comparing their marked bottoms and how hard a spanking each endured. Soon the two are engaged in full blown sibling rivalry in the form of a spank-off! First Beverly spanks Sarah, which Sarah allows in order to prove she can take the hardest spanking. Then Beverly gets her chance to top her sister from the bottom, while Sarah works to even out the markings on her sister's behind.
Aunt Chelsea hears this ruckus going on in her living room and quickly goes in to see what's going on. When she finds Sarah spanking Beverly, then see's Beverly's bruised bottom cheek, THEN finds out what the two girls have gone and done she immediately takes the girls to task. Imagine her horror at discovering that her two nieces, even if they are old enough to do so, appeared in a professional spanking video! Most un-lady like by her estimations.
Chelsea decides that since Beverly and Sarah like spanking so much they wanted to get paid for being spanked, it's time the two were spanked for REAL! She takes each girl over her knee, one at a time, while the other watches her sister being punished. These spankings aren't fun and the girls don't get any money for them, either!




The Spanke Shoppe (CP-112)
"Professional Training"

Samantha Grace and Chelsea Pfeiffer
39 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The Story:  Samantha pays a visit to the Spanke Shoppe where she is greeted by spanking professional, Chelsea. Samantha explains to Chelsea that she is interested in pursuing a career as a spanking video actress and would like to be prepared for the rigors of what she might face on the sets of spanking video producers.

After  Samantha signs a release of liability contract, Chelsea introduces her to a wide range of implements, the likes of which she is very likely to encounter in her future spanking video scenes. Without further ado, Samantha's training session begins.

First up is a good, old fashioned OTK hand spanking bottom warming. Samantha's still-to-be-seasoned behind glows bright red from the first. By the time her skirt is lifted she's already got a burning bum, yet she still has far to go!

Before her training is concluded, Samantha experiences the differences between two similar wooden paddles of different thickness, still in the OTK position. She is then instructed to arrange herself into a bottom's up pose where she learns what it's like to be paddled with a large, thick wooden, heart-shaped paddle. You can imagine how her behind is beginning to color up by now. (But, you don't have to imagine. Reference the photos to your left)

Next up is a flogging, a disciplinary skill at which Chelsea excels. Standing prone against the wall, Samantha's behind feels the stinging thrash of Chelsea's heavy leather flogger.

Finally, Chelsea knows Samantha is still a newcomer to the spanking scene.  But, she wants to teach her spanking student to handle a caning. So, Chelsea uses a small, twisted rattan cane to give Samantha her first- ever caning!

To wrap: Sultry, leggy, beautiful brunette Samantha takes an OTK hand spanking, two OTK paddlings, a paddling in the bottom's up position, a flogging and a caning in 40 minutes of serious spanking training!




Chelsea's Angels (CP-111)
Starring: Madison Young
and Ariel X with Chelsea Pfeiffer
30 Minutes
DVD $29.95

The Story:  Boss Chelsea, while going through her daily dossier discovers that an alarming situation at a spanking brothel needs to be handled, as soon as humanly possible. The girls are being spanked much too hard and the brothel Madame has sent one of Chelsea's Angels into bottom recovery after an extreme paddling. All this isn't quite revealed as this plot begins to take shape. All we know is that it's time for Chelsea to call on her two remaining angels, Angel Shelley and Angel Salina.
It's a typical quiet morning at the Angel's apartment, when suddenly the two darlings are surprised by an early call from Boss Chelsea. It seems a certain situation has gotten completely out of hand and Chelsea needs to send her angels on a dangerous mission to save the day. Before she can do so, however, she must in all good conscience, prepare the girls to be able to take what will be required to take out the bad guy (or girl, rather).
The Angels agree to put themselves through a rigorous spanking training session, complete with a large wooden paddle and a crop! Following instructions from Chelsea herself, via video phone, the girls do as they are told.
Angel Salina is first. She obediently and very bravely places herself over Angel Shelley's lap for a first ever spanking. She's so brave, in fact, that she challenges Shelley, asking her Angel friend if she's sure will be able to spank hard enough. Shelley assures Salina that she is very much up to the task and the spanking ensues. The hand spanking progresses until Salina's panties are lowered and then the girls trade places.
When Salina asks Shelley if she's ready, the Angel spankee enthusiastically replies, "Have at it!" Hmmm, have these two angels really NEVER been spanked before?
Soon it's time for the implements and more place trading occurs, back and forth.
Suddenly Chelsea's spanking test hits a snag as the two angels begin to become aroused from their spirited spanking exchange. Chelsea must remind the ladies repeatedly to keep their concentration. Finally the experiment dissolves completely into a steamy girl-girl sex scene! That's when boss Chelsea realizes that she must take matters into her own hands, for the sake of the safety of her dear Angels!
Chelsea surprises the girls by arriving unexpectedly at their apartment. The two sex-bombs were so completely involved in each other that they hadn't even realized that their boss was no longer on the video phone. Chelsea breaks up the sex scene and cuts to the chase with the large wooden paddle. Bending Angel Shelley and Angel Salina over the chaise, Chelsea proceeds to deliver the extreme paddling she knows her Angels will need to be able to endure on their upcoming mission!





A Few Easy Lessons (CP-110)
Starring: Sinn Sage
and Jewell Marceau
35 Minutes
DVD $29.95

Sinn responds to Jewell's Internet ad for a school where one learns to become a spanking top in order to earn two-hundred dollars an hour giving spankings. It sounds like, "a piece of cake," as Sinn says after speaking to Jewell over the phone. Jewell faxes Sinn a release to sign and bring, with a check, to the first lesson, scheduled for the very next day. Sinn signs the release without reading it carefully. That's when the plot begins to take it's beautifully rounded shape.
Sinn arrives at her first lesson and within minutes discovers that the way Jewell trains tops begins with their bottoms. When Sinn learns she's to be spanked, she tries to pull out of the deal. But, she's already signed the release (that's why she should have read it carefully before signing) AND the fee that she's paid by check is non-refundable! Jewell's not about to allow Sinn to waste her money and insists the lessons begin immediately. Jewell throws Sinn down upon the bed, bent over, bottom presented for her first lesson.
Sinn is thoroughly spanked, by hand, hairbrush and strap before her lesson/ordeal is done. She goes home with one red and tender behind.
Sinn returns the next day, supposedly for her next lesson. But, instead she is anxious to show Jewell how very quickly and well she learned her stuff the previous day. Sinn takes over the lesson, doing exactly as Jewell had done to her the day before. She muscles Jewell down over the bed and begins the spanking. Before Jewell is convinced Sinn knows her stuff enough to begin working immediately, Jewell is also hand spanked, paddled, stripped of her clothing and strapped and, finally, canned with an interesting little twisted cane. Now THAT'S a plot twist for you!



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