Christmas for Christy + One
Featuring Christy Cutie with Chelsea Pfeiffer
49 Minutes - $29.95 on DVD

Amazingly cute Christy Cutie shines and squirms in 3 stories that suit her to a T!



Story One - I Saw Christy Twerking Santa Claus
Christy dressed up and went to the mall to get her picture taken with Santa so she could make he own Christmas cards. Unfortunately, her idea to playfully turn her photo session into a full on twerking scene in public drew a bit too much attention. Video of her escapades quickly went viral! I saw it, or as much of it as they could show, on the evening news. Aunt Chelsea doesn't condone that sort of behavior. No, I don't! There was a good dose of discipline waiting for her when she got home.
Christy, in her tight, sexy skirt and sexy lingerie, goes over Aunt Chelsea's knee for a well-earned spanking. But, Aunt Chelsea isn't done until her naughty niece has been thoroughly paddled!


Story Two - Santa's Cookies
Chelsea made a lovely plate of cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Naughty Christy decided to try smoking pot that same evening. She then proceeded to get a terrible case of the munchies, a known after effect of smoking the illicit substance. And, there they were. Yummy cookies with a full glass of milk, right in front of Christy, who consumed all of them except for a few crumbs. Chelsea later found Christy asleep on the couch and plate of cookies, now just crumbs. Looks like it's a Christmas Eve spanking for Christy, which also includes a paddling!


Story Three - trouble with texting
Don't you just hate it when you try to visit with someone who will not stop texting others and checking their social media accounts? Poor Christy just happened to practice that rude habit with the wrong person! This time Chelsea REALLY takes Christy to task, with a hand spanking, a hairbrush spanking AND a strapping!