Welcome to Chelsea's Journal!

Hi! I'm Chelsea Pfeiffer and I'm a spanking enthusiast as well as a video producer, writer,  photographer and editor. To find out more about me and how I got here, feel free to read my own personal spanking history.

I decided to begin this journal because I'm very much involved in our productions and websites, of course, but I wasn't sure that it's completely clear. So, I thought the best way to prove that was to write to you about it on a personal level. I want to relate to you how I feel about something we've just shot, or share some of my experiences with you in order to create an open dialog between you and me. If you have any comments or questions about anything I post here, please email me at: chelseapfeiffer@aol.com. I will post your comments and, hopefully, we'll create a true, sharing, spanking forum.


Chelsea Pfeiffer






















































































































































































































 View of Mt. Rainier from my parents porch.

Me and Larry goofing for a picture on the drive up. Closer, closer...



































Cherry Torn and me sharing a little get-to-know-her time before she went over my knee.



























Me (looking geekie in my glasses) and Larry at what was a kind of pre-party the night before the lu'au. The men were building the fire in the imu (ground oven) and the women were setting up tables and stuff like that. There was time for relaxing, though, here and there.

Larry watching as some of the guys are digging the roasted pig out of the imu. Don't worry. Larry did his work, too. Carrying the two 165 lb. pigs took a lot of guys.

Sarah Gregory

Derek Synklaire

Jade Indica

Natalie Minx and me for the coming (soon, I hope!) SpankingMILFS.


Elizabeth Sherman

Snow Mercy (she actually caused the tips of this cane to explode she can take so much!).






Sinn Sage





















As you can see, I wasn't nearly as hard on Sinn as she was on me. It's okay. I still love her.













Me in my too big jammies. I've lost a little weight lately. ;-)











 AnnaBelle Lee (above) and Abigail Whittaker (below) GoodSpanking.com


Lorelei paddling Catalina L'Amour (above) and Artemis Antone and Tory Sinclair spanking Randi Storm on GoodSpankingClassics.com


















































































Are these cute bunnies, or what?!



Courtney Crave from her Model Mayhem page















































 Molly Matthews spanking Natalie Minx. I had to give her a hairbrush in order for her to make an impression on Natalie. :)

Carolyn Reese giving me my birthday spanking a couple of years ago. Now in CSS-11.

Me spanking Veronica Daniels, who is a definite no for her spanking me now.

Ariel X spanking Natalie Minx. Seems that Natalie has gotten spanked a little more for us than I realized!




































Larry took this photo with my cell phone on our 10th wedding anniversary, which happened last month. The cell phone did the best it could. Larry says, " Larry is NOT a chuckle butt, dammit!









































































































































A rather macabre sculpture!

A bottle house from the outside.

Another macabre sculpture.

 Some of the "landscaping".


That Kailee took full advantage of my temper tantrum and got me good! OW!


After a walk on the beach to wake up before heading home in rush hour traffic.

























View Clip




































I know, it's last year's pictures. But, I'm wearing the same costume this year, so what the heck. I almost opted for the fairy princess option. Teehee!



































 Oooo! Charlotte, you're made for spanking!




Melanie Jayne







On Monday morning, I received a gorgeous pair of new shoes in the mail from a fan. How fun is that?! Thanks You-know-who-you-are! I'll be sending a real thank you note soon. They're a perfect fit, as you can see and they're even comfortable, an accomplishment for such high high-heels. No, he's not a foot fetishist, either. He just thought these shoes should belong to me. How sweet!





























































































































Sarah Gregory getting her unhappy birthday spanking






















Kayme Kai as a restaurant receptionist being spanked by the restaurant manager for messing up the dinner seating arrangements.






Kayme is Hawaiian, so I had to do a scene with her as Aunt Chelsea. She's adorable in a bikini being spanked for flirting indiscriminately during a day at the beach.




















December Already?

Man this year has gone by quickly! As we gear up for our usual Christmas sale (don't know the actual dates, yet) I came up hard against the truth. 2009 has been entirely too fleeting!
We haven't been able to launch that SpankingMILFS.com website that we promised at the beginning of the year. We were just too busy with the sites we already have. So, we're discussing adding a MILFS section to GoodSpanking.com. This IS still under discussion, though, so don't hate me if we decide to go ahead with the new site, after all. Poor Larry is a clip making machine! If we do add it to GS, that'll make the site an even better deal. We already post 48 minutes of video a month. If we add MILFS to it, another 24 a month would be going up. That would be 72 minutes of video a month, plus hundreds of photos, too. If you'd like to weigh in on the discussion, email me. We always take our customers and site members considerations and ideas to heart.

To the left and above are pictures from some of what we've shot for MILFS already. To the left are Stacy Burke (redhead) and Jewell Marceau and above it's Natalie Minx and myself.

Larry and I, both, were extremely under the weather for quite a while, too, which hasn't helped matters as far as keeping up with the business. We each had the flu, on and off, for nearly a month! Meanwhile, three new releases waited and waited. I finally got them up last week and now we have two more ready to go already. One of them is The Punishment of Pixie story that I talked about in my previous posting. It's a hot one! I've even been getting emails asking when it would be released. Soon! Very soon!

Now for a little off topic. I'm sharing pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner and the following day when we took a hike in the desert to work off the dessert. We enjoyed a dinner with just the two of us. We don't have any family in the L.A. area and though we were invited by friends to share their feast, we just felt like making our own and staying in together.

 Our little feast!

The Amboy crater, which we climbed the day after Thanksgiving and a pic of me standing in front of it at a distance of about a mile. Do I look cold? It was 55 degrees!

Me, wearing Larry's sweater (no I'm not that huge!) inside the crater and on top of the edge of it.

Larry on top of the crater and real sized people looking like ants from the top of the crater.

The far away desert landscape from the top of the crater. I Photoshoped it to black and white and upped the contrast. The cloud cover over the mountains looks much more dramatic that way. Don't you think?

It was a really cool experience (not just cold) and I hadn't seen that much lava rock since I was on Mauna Loa on Hawaii's Big Island on Kilauea. So gorgeous!



Sorry, Again!

I know, I know! When I get busy, this page is the first thing to be neglected. I'm going to have to work on my scheduling. I like this little journal of mine and I'd enjoy being able to post on it more often, like I used to!

Okay, now that I got that off my chest...

I just wanted to say a few words about the Amber Pixie Wells session that's been going up at www.GoodSpanking.com these last couple of weeks. I've worked with Pixie on a few occasions, as you know, but this time it was different. Usually we play out cute, funny scenes. Pixie is such a great wit that I can't help myself when I know I'm going to be spanking her. This time, I just couldn't come up with anything like that. Maybe it's the current mood of this country of ours, but I kept coming around to the conclusion that this time I wanted to do something serious. I had to go pick up Pixie from Clare Fonda's place, where she usually stays when she visits our Coast. On the drive back to my place, I shared with her my thoughts about doing a more serious scene this time. Pixie agreed and, in fact, she seemed to be in a more serious mood, too. She also expressed the desire to try some bondage. I think some of you know, but in case not, I used to do quite a bit of bondage as a rope-mistress back in the day when I edited Bondage Life magazine and a while before that, too. I finally did so many hogties that I just couldn't do anymore. I'd tied and tied girls all over the place in all kinds of positions and I just burned out on it. I didn't think I'd ever be interested in doing it again, but when Pixie said she wanted to try it that feeling in me changed in a flash!

We decided to do a scene wherein Pixie was visiting a professional mistress in order to get the spanking/discipline she so craved. I had her pretend to sign a contract that was to be a release of liability, so that I might have my way with her and so that I could help her get all that she craved AND help her find the emotional release that accompanied that craving. Since we were playing it serious, the tactic worked. Almost as soon as she went over my knee and I began spanking her, she began sniffling. Pixie crying! She's got a bottom made of steel, the real buns of steel. This hand spanking, no matter how hard, shouldn't be bringing her to tears already. But, it was!

I didn't cave in to her tears, though. From the hand spanking, I went on to a paddling, during which I didn't pull my paddling, either. I smacked her hard with that little wooden stinger. That really brought more tears. Oh, I forgot that I used a hairbrush, too. Still, I wasn't finished. There was still the bondage and, oh, the flogging. Pixie had never taken a flogging before, either. She'd always just engaged in the more traditional type of spanking. OTK, with OTK type implements.

There were a lot of firsts for Pixie in this shoot. This was no cute spanking at the beach!


An Amazing Model

We just finished a shoot with Dia Zerva. Wow! She's amazing! I'm just going to put up some of the pictures. You can read more about it at www.Spanking.com where I'm a guest blogger. I just sent them the posting and they should have it up an a few days. They're pretty quick.

Color me happy!



More Vaca Pics and  New Model

My niece sent me more pictures from the family reunion vacation. The day after the big lu'au, we took trip to up Mt. Rainier. Okay, so now you know we were in Washington State and not Hawaii. My parents made their home there when my father retired from the Army and got a great job at Boeing. Now, he's retired from Boeing, as well, but most of the immediate family is still in that area, so they remain there instead of moving back to "The Rock," as Hawaii is affectionately referred to by its natives. Whatever... We don't need the actual Hawaiian setting to do our Hawaiian thing. Anyway, back to the trip up the Mountain.
I hadn't been since my teens and Larry had never been there, so I knew that this trip I had to go there with him. Being the nature lovers that we are, I knew he would absolutely LOVE it and he did. We drove to Paradise, the closest you can get to the top of Mt. Rainier without actually climbing it. In fact, we passed climbers who had just descended as we hiked our way up to the trailhead that begins the arduous climb to the summit. That little hike which I wouldn't even consider a brisk walk normally, btw, was only about 2 miles, if that, and a gentle climb. But, at around 8000 ft., I was gasping like I hadn't done anything physical in 10 years. The mountain loomed over us as we walked through meadows full of wildflowers. Completely gorgeous!

This is what it looks like when you're there.

Some of the beautiful wildflowers.

Snow melt, creating rivers and waterfalls working its way down the Mt.

Now, about the new model. We worked with a wonderful woman named Cherry Torn on Wednesday. She contacted me through a referral from Natalie Minx. I checked out her website and saw all that she's done and knew immediately that I had another great candidate for a Chelsea Spanks session. Yay!

I love her sort of Liza Minnelli 20s retro look. I think she'd be great for www.SpankSinn.com , too, since Sinn's look is also sorta 20s.

This is only the beginning of the session, of course. She's a trouper and she took a LOT! Her first clip is already up at www.GoodSpanking.com.



I'm Back...Again!

I know, I know. I haven't visited this page for a month and a half. It's been a busy summer. Just one darned thing after another. I can't even remember anymore all the things I've been wanting to relate. All the shoots, the girls...everything. But, I do have a good restart topic, although it is off topic. Larry and I just returned from a few days at a big family reunion lu'au. These are the few pictures I'm able to share. The one of me dancing is all blurry at the bottom because those are kids down there watching me intently and I certainly can't run their pictures here. We had an amazing time. So much family. So many friends. Rushing to get work done before we left and now rushing to get work done now that we're back. For those of you who have taken advantage of our Summer Sale (last day is tomorrow, btw) know that we're working the whole weekend to get caught up and get your orders to you.

Larry introducing me to the crowd before I began my hula dance presentation. Everyone loved it and it helped to authenticate the whole affair.

Okay, enough off topic. Over to the left and below I'm posting as many pictures as I can find of all the girls we've been shooting all summer.

Lynn Love

Samantha Grace & Mina Meow

More Sarah Gregory
You can see all of these amazing women at www.GoodSpanking.com or on www.SpankSinn.com and they'll be here soon, too!

And, of course, Sinn Sage (with Natalie Minx and then me).




How Much Is Too Much?

Sinn got back to shooting for the first time since her return and I didn't think she'd be up to taking all the spanking herself, since it was going to be just her and me. So, I volunteered to take one of the spankings. We'd done an evil step mom scene earlier on her site and I thought it would be kinda hot if we found a reason for Sinn to exact revenge on her evil step mom (me). You'd think that after taking my birthday spanking from her I'd know better. Obviously not! But, seriously, I was just in the mood to take a really hard spanking. I knew what I was getting into because I chose all the implements. Why do I sometimes like to play so hard? I'm not really sure. Most of the time, I'd rather have a nice cozy bottom warming. This was hardly that. Even Sinn was amazed. So, if you want to see this scene, you'll have to go to www.SpankSinn.com where the story has only just begun to unfold... I'm being spanked on www.GoodSpanking.com too this week, also by Sinn. I'm running my birthday spanking there. Ow! Poor me. ;-)

This photo was taken on the morning of the second day after the shoot. My expression is a little funny. I'm not upset. I just woke up is all.



My Spanking Life and My Vanilla Friends

Not many of my vanilla friends know about my spanking life, which is a bit like living a double life. The longer I know them, the stranger I feel about not telling them, especially considering that because of this company of mine (which I still totally love even 10 and 1/2 years later) is my life, mostly. But, I've chosen carefully when it comes to the ones I HAVE told. They all think it's cool and funny, even sexy to some and they all still completely except me for who I am.

The interesting thing is that the longer those friends know the more they begin to understand without my even having to go into detail. The other day, after my hula class, one of my very best friends with whom I have shared hula for a long time said the funniest thing. She's having a little love-life problem. It's excruciating, really. She loves him, he loves her, but he can't bring himself to take that next step...after he gets a divorce, that is. They flirt incessantly, but have never dated. They see each other all the time. The chemistry is amazing. It makes me crazy. She's beautiful, he's hot... You get the picture. She's been dressing sexier, to which he has most positively responded. Still nada, nothing! She said to me,  "Maybe I should threaten to spank him?" I said it shouldn't be me spanking him, 'cause I spank really hard. She said, "He'd probably like that." We laughed so hard tears came to our eyes. But, seriously, it occurred to me that might be just the kind of talk that would get him past the shyness factor.

So, the question is, am I turning my vanilla friends into spanking enthusiasts? I hope so!

To the left is a funny picture that Larry took of me the other night as I did the dinner dishes. I was in my jammies because we always eat quite late. Larry really particularly likes this pair of jammies. Hehe.

Oh, I almost forgot! If you're an Abigail Whittaker and/or Amy Hunter fan, or a fan of the Chelsea Spanks series, you've got to check out our latest release!


Sinn's Coming Home!

I called Sinn's boyfriend to see what was going on with her lately and asked me to hold on a second. A couple of seconds later, I was speaking to Sinn. She was on her way home. That was Wednesday. I assume she's home by now. I haven't wanted to bother her, knowing she's probably just relaxing in and getting her bearings. She sounded very good, very healthy and her laugh was as good as always. Whew! Sinn, you had us worried. You're getting such a spanking next time I see you!

BTW, she'll still be needing any help she can get paying off that huge medical bill. Check out the Sinn Sage DVDs on our site. All money from your purchases of these DVDs will go to Sinn until she back and working. Also, if you'd just rather donate straight ahead, visit www.SaveSinn.com and do what you can. She's already very grateful for all the help she's gotten up to this point and said she'll be sending out thank notes and emails as soon as she can. Yay, Sinn!

I'll be posting more, again, soon. ;-)


Where Have I Been Lately?

I've been meaning to get myself here and post a little something for a couple of weeks now, but one thing after another has prevented me from fulfilling that fine intention. Finally, I find myself a little ahead on posting updates and with no where to rush off to after I do. Aaaah...a little breathing room. lol.

Things have been a little rushed, it's true. Week before last, I had an emergency root canal. Yay! Loads of fun... NOT! Larry had a band gig at a coffeehouse the Saturday before and I drank a little too much coffee. I couldn't sleep! When I finally did fall asleep, around 4 a.m (very unusual for me, as I'm a very good sleeper) I clenched my teeth too hard... You get the idea. I awakened on Sunday with one heck of a toothache. But, I had a regular dental appointment scheduled for that coming Thursday, so I thought I could wait till then to address the situation. I was wrong. By Thursday morning, I found myself in a dentist's chair at 8 a.m. All went very well, though, because the moment he numbed the area I was so relieved I nearly slept through the entire thing.
I awakened the next morning to only to find out about Sinn Sage's snowboarding accident. That sent me into a frenzy of trying to get the word out about her, while still getting my regular work done! That made for a busy week, all in all.
The next week I was much better, but just as busy as I prepared for the annual big hula show. I had rehearsals every night all week long. Late ones! I barely finished updates in time to get to them. Very stressful. But, I do love my hula, so there's nothing to take for it. The show was on Sunday, so that's done. ;-)

This week, I thought all would return to normal. I resumed all my regular activities, hiking on Monday evening and going back to yoga class. But, on Wednesday morning I awakened with a cold. Can I catch a break here?! Actually, two days later I'm already feeling much better. Maybe I'll be able to get up my mountain tomorrow.

Sinn is still in a hospital in Vancouver. You can get updates and post messages to her at www.SaveSinn.com . She had a small set back this week, nothing serious, just a little short term memory loss. The doctors are going to keep her there for an extra week. She's still recovering amazingly well! We're presenting all of her DVDs that she's done for us to help raise money for her hospital bill fund. It's a really LARGE medical bill. If you'd like to help a super woman, check this out! You'll get a great spanking movie with a superlative spankee with a bubble bottom to die for and she'll be sooo grateful you helped!

For news on the spanking front, check out the side panel to your left and also below. Pics from all of our sites' latest updates should keep you entertained!

Amy Hunter on GoodSpanking.com

Sinn Sage with Charlotte Vale, AnnaBelle Lee and myself on SpankSinn.com .

A short-haired me back in 1998 spanking Stacy Burke and Kelsie Chambers on GoodSpankingClassic.com


Help Save Sinn

We've just got the sad news that our lovely, exciting, intelligent and in every way wonderful Sinn Sage has had a terrible accident
Sinn was snowboarding in Whistler, Canada, hit some ice pack and hit her head. She's currently in a hospital in Vancouver, Canada and is in an induced coma. She's in otherwise stable condition after her surgery and IS breathing
on her own...which is great! Her hospital bill to date is $160,000, though. A website has been set up so that you can follow her condition and donate to help her with her medical expenses. It is www.SaveSinn.com. Even if you can't donate, please go there and leave her a message of encouragement for when she comes out of the coma and can read all of our postings.
This has put us a bit behind on our update for this week. We're paddling as fast as we can to catch up and we will before the weekend is over.
My original posting, which was taking me for ever anyway, isn't nearly as important as Sinn.



Birthday, Bunnies and a Raffle!

Okay, so all of you who voted for Sinn (and there were a few of you, since she won the contest) to give me my birthday spanking should be pleased. That happened last Friday, which means my Birthday Sale will be going up soon, probably by the end of the week. But, meanwhile I thought I'd share a couple of photos of the results with you. Sinn AND I both had a lot of fun!

See? I'm positively glowing...on both ends!

Right before we shot this, we did a shoot with AnnaBelle Lee. Back by popular demand, I might add. AnnaBelle did a couple of scenes with me for GoodSpanking.com and a hot one with Sinn for SpankSinn.com.

For one of the scenes she did with me, I brought out one of our prized copies of our second issue of the original GoodSpanking magazine...the physical one, before we went up on the Internet back in 1999. Here's a few pics of that scene, in which AnnaBelle has sneaked into Aunt Chelsea's room and discovered my stash of spanking magazines. I catch her reading it and, well, you know what happens after that!

It was a remarkable scene, as AnnaBelle loves/hates her spankings. Afterward, upon discovering that this isn't my last copy of this issue of the GoodSpanking magazine, which is a collectors item by now, we decided to raffle the magazine off to the highest bidder. If you'd like to get the actual copy of GoodSpanking magazine, issue number 2, released in December 1999, email me with your bid! Remember, this magazine is long out of print and copies of it are extremely hard to obtain. AND, copies with which AnnaBelle Lee has been spanked? This is the only one... Oh, and if that's not enough, it'll be signed by both AnnaBelle and myself!

Seeing as how Easter was last weekend, I though I'd share with you one of my Easter traditions. Every year, Stephanie Locke collects bunnies to take to homeless shelters all over the L.A. area to give to the homeless children in little Easter baskets she puts together. Every year, I do my best to get as many bunnies together as I can. This year, I was only able to get four of them for her, but they were darned cute and she told me last night that they found good homes with children who adore them. Over to the left are pictures of my bunny donations. Next year, I promise to try to get you all involved in the bunny drive, too!


Funny Question

Yesterday, we worked with a new girl, Courtney Crave. She was awesome! She was a little afraid when I picked her up and had lots of questions as we drove to the shoot.  She'd looked at the GoodSpanking site the night before and had noticed a whole lotta red rumps! She wondered, first, if they'd really been spanked in order to get those red bottoms. I assured her that they had. Then she wanted to know if I spanked everyone equally hard. I hastened to assure her that, no, I didn't and don't. As most of us know, each spankee is different as far as tolerance levels. Talking to a person before spanking them, if you don't already know them, is essential. Reading their body language carefully once you are spanking them, whether you know them, or not, is equally as essential. I explained that to her. She's very bright and understood completely. I also made sure she understood that she could call a cut on any scene anytime she wanted. We were shooting story scenes, not a Chelsea Spanks reality movie, so that would absolutely be easy. If she needed to cut, we'd honor that. Actually, even when I'm shooting a CS I always tell the girls before we start that if they need to call "mercy," they should definitely do that. We won't stop filming, as that would wreck the movie, but it would then be up to me to deal with the situation accordingly. I can't recall that it's ever happened, but if it did I'd simply look into the camera and say that I now needed to let up a bit to honor the plea for mercy. That would be reality, so that's what I'd do. I know there are other female tops out there who like to prove they can spank as hard as a man, and while I do believe I can, I also believe in respecting limits. Just because I'm paying a girl to take it doesn't mean I can "beat" her. I hate that word, "beat." Spankers never used to say they "beat" someone. How do you feel aboutit? Email me. I'm interested to hear. Okay, back to the topic...

We got into the shoot, into the first scene and I was delighted to find that Courtney is extremely witty! Every line I fed her she came back with something that not only made complete sense, but was usually funny. So funny, in fact, that often I didn't even try to hide how I was laughing. It was a little out of character, but she's darned funny! One of the really funny lines was, "Do you spank everyone that comes here?" I paused for a moment. 'Now that's a funny, loaded question,' I thought. It made me think for a moment and then I answered, "Uh, actually yes, almost." After the shoot, that little exchange came back to me and I realized that it's crazy, but true. Nearly everyone who comes to our place gets spanked!

Of course, delivery persons, straight friends (yes, we do have some of those) and family don't get spanked. But, after that I can't think of another visitor who isn't a model and therefore doesn't get spanked. What that says about Larry and I me I don't know, but I know I'm okay with it. :-))

Courtney Crave from her Model Mayhem page. Is she cute, or what?!

p.s. I'm also blogging at www.spanking.com. This is a comment friendly blog (as in real blog not journal page like here) and the posts are completely different from what appears here. So check it out! I'd love to hear from you there, too!


B-day Spanking Final Choice!

Besides the handful of other suggestions, which I had to discount because this could go on endlessly otherwise, it looks like Sinn Sage has won the birthday spanking contest. So...in spite of the fact that I'm actually the same age as her mother (no, really, Sinn told me we're just a month apart!) I'm going to have to let Sinn give me my birthday spanking this year. Sinn won out over Stephanie Locke by one vote!  Hopefully, I'll be able to have this shot very, very soon.

This photo is of Sinn Spanking Charlie Laine from a scene on www.SpankSinn.com . And, NO, I won't be nude when she spanks me.

In other news, we've just released on DVD and for Streaming, The Kailee and Chelsea Stories, (CSS-27). Yeah, I get spanked in this one, too. Kailee was quite capable, I must say. Of course, I spanked her first, which provided plenty of inspiration on her part to get me and bottom back, but good! For more info,
Click Here!

Finally, over to the left are a series of pictures from mine and Larry's last mini-vaca. We stole off to the Anza Borrego desert, which is in wild springtime bloom with lovely, colorful desert wildflowers. We had a great time hiking around photographing the spectacle. We happened to be there at the same time as a biker convention and couldn't get a room (who knew bikers like desert wild flowers). So, we had to drive up the mountain to get a room in Julien, east of San Diego the night before. Both the desert and the mountain were charming and peaceful. Hope you like the pics!
Oh, we managed to capture a couple of not-so-wild flower shots.


And, finally, after all that driving and what-have-you, Larry gets a little nap at home with Kolohe the cat.


B-day Spanking Input

I got several good responses to my question in my birthday posting about who should give me my birthday spanking for my annual birthday spanking DVD for my annual birthday spanking sale. Whew! Talk about your run-on sentences. Maybe I should just be spanked for my poor use of the English language. Teehee!

Strangely, out of all the women out there, several of you chose the same women.

There were two votes for Audrey Knight. A good choice since she just started her own site, et al. But, the only way she'd come and shoot with us is if I did a "trade" with her. A trade is when one model goes and works for another and then visa versa. That way both get content and neither has to pay the other. It is against my policy to do trades, or to appear on sites other than my own. I know many of you have seen me in Shadow Lane productions (years ago) and on Punished Brats (whom I never turn down because David Pierson has done a lot to help me promote my sites). Anyone else? Sorry, nope.

There was one vote for Molly Matthews, because when I did CS-19 and we set up a sort of spanking chain with Angela Ryan, Molly Matthews and myself, Molly had a much more red bottom than Angela AND I, of course, wasn't spanked at all. I'm sure Molly would do it, but I really think she's much more of a spankee than a spanker. I've seen her spank and, frankly, it's pretty patty cake. Not to insult her. I LOVE her. It's just true is all.

One vote came in for Carolyn Reese, but unfortunately, she's already given me a birthday spanking.  Look for CSS-11 to see that one.

Veronica Bond of Punished Brats got a couple of votes, too, but flying her in from Philly for one shoot doesn't seem practical.

Veronica Daniels of the now gone Spanking Couple got three votes, but she's left the biz for good.

Jennifer Brooks, who is about to leave got three votes. Interesting idea, I think, but I emailed and she hasn't gotten back. I think I got to her a few days shy of her quit date and she isn't going to go back on that date.

One person suggested Sinn Sage, who is simply dying to spank me. Hmmm... I don't know... She's only 23! I'm not sure why she wants to spank me. Maybe revenge for all the REALLY hard spankings I've given her?

Ariel X got one vote. I like Ariel, too. (giggle)

Finally, last, but never least, Stephanie Locke got three votes. You know she'll give a hard one!

I just can't decide! Of all of the ladies mentioned, Sinn, Ariel and Ms. Locke are the best, most reasonable choices. Help! Again I ask, which of these three?


Happy Birthday to me!

In the middle of a kind upsetting week, I enjoyed my birthday celebration. It was  an upsetting week because I got into it with my server, Surfnet, over a customer service issue. I take my personal handling of all customer service issues very seriously and recently they've required that I send all persons with members site log in issues, or billing issues straight to them without going through me. That really upset me. But, they say that the credit card processor has now required this, so I have no choice. It's hard when it's my business and I  have no choice. Very hard to swallow. I've been trying to wrap my mind around it. I'm getting a little more used to it each day. I really, really enjoy the contact with all of you out there. When you email, even with a log in issue or problem, you're always very polite. When I fix it, you're sooo happy and that makes me happy. Imagine how it makes me feel when it's so important to you to be getting into the site and getting your regular updates! Someone(s) out there are looking forward to seeing what we've done lately. We have a fan base and that's REALLY important to me because I love this little spanking company that Larry and I have built from the bottom up, so to speak. lol. So, if for any reason you're not getting the response from Surfnet that you require, please, please feel free to email me. I can still fix problems. At least they haven't taken that away from me.

On my birthday, I worked most of the day and then took a hike. I hiked all by myself and spent the time reflecting on just about everything. It helped me to realize that I'm very, very lucky. I'm 49 years old and I can still hike up an 1800 ft in two miles elevation gain in a very reasonable 45 minutes AND I can run back down in 20 minutes. I can still get through a grueling yoga practice in a class with a bunch of 20 somethings and I'm getting good at head stands and hand stands. It's my goal by the time I'm 50 to be great at them. They say (although I don't believe it for a minute) that doing inversion poses reverses the aging process. Hahaha!

I'm also very lucky that in these hard times, I'm still doing good business. It's probably not what it would be in a thriving economy, but that just leaves me something to look forward to and we're doing our best to offer our product at reasonable prices. I'm very grateful to all of you!

Larry got me a new sexy, silky robe, a funny card and flowers AND my favorite cake, pictured to the left. I know, it's almost all gone. Hey! I had help! Hahaha!

Oh, and yes, this means that sometime in the next couple of months I'll get around to shooting my 5th birthday spanking movie, which also means we'll be having my usual birthday sale! Yay!

Here's a good question. Who should give me my birthday spanking this year? It can't be Clare Fonda, as much as I would like, because she's now exclusive to her own sites. So then, who? Email if you have any ideas!


Happy Valentine's Day!

Just a quick post to celebrate love and/or lust on the holiday that's just for that purpose. I hope all your spanking dreams come true, whether it be to give, or to get!

Now for a few spanking photos from Valentine's Days past.

AnnaBelle Lee as a naughty valentine in 2008

Gia is lovingly paddled by Stephanie Locke in 2003

Carolyn Reese spanks Tory Sinclair for eating all of Carolyn's Valentine chocolates back in 2000.

See, there's always a good reason to spank your lover!


What A Month It's Been!

Finally, you'll all be glad to hear all of the Christmas sale orders have gone out. Oh, except for the person who ordered Space Girls and requested Spankorama 2 as their freebie. The Space Girls master DVD is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced, so we'll get that out asap. Thanks to all of you who waited so very patiently for us to fulfill all those orders!
What's my month been like? Well, the very fact that I'm posting almost monthly now instead of weekly, like I used to, pretty much says it all. There have been malfunctions and set backs like crazy. Those of you who believe in astrology will agree if you know that Mercury has been in retrograde for the last three weeks, or so. Hahaha! They say that when that happens there are mechanical breakdowns, breakdowns in communications in general, etc. You get the picture, just basic chaos. But, I'm getting over it. I'm learning to embrace the chaos and love it! Yes, I know I sound crazy. I really, really need a good, long spanking! I mean it. I really do! I'll have to get Larry to read this.
Just days after my last posting I came down with the flu for three days. Then I spent  days after that catching up on all the work I didn't get done. Just as I finished filling all those orders, we shot with Sinn for SpankSinn.com. It was a GREAT shoot. A phenomenal shoot! How can I describe it? Okay, I'll try.

It was my idea to skip hiring someone else this month and for Sinn and I to work together again for an outdoor scene. Sinn pretty much took it from there. She decided it should be a short of a kidnap scenario. She said she wanted me to be mean. I'm not really known for being mean, exactly, but I thought I could do it. THEN, she said she wanted to add in a couple of scenes where she peed in the woods. Now, I know many, many a spanker who is into seeing girls pee.  I think it goes with the whole humiliation factor of the spanking. Some would like to have it happen while the woman is OTK and being spanked, as if the spanking caused them to lose control. But, for this scene, just a regular yank-the-pants-down and pee scene was best. Besides, having her to while OTK over my knee? Eeeew!. Larry liked it the way we did it, so I knew it would be good.

When I was supposed to find her peeing on my property (she having missed the No Trespassing sign) I was supposed to get mean. Woo! Did I ever. I don't know what came over me. I'm not going to tell you anymore about it except that we think it's some of the best work we've done in its style. Pictures are to the left and below.

See? I told you it was racy!

Not to ruin it for anyone, but poor Larry climbed all over that forest with his camera and, in spite of my many warnings, he managed to get himself a bad case of poison oak. Another breakdown in communications, perhaps? In any case, it got so bad we had to take a day off to get him into the hospital for some emergency care. I love him dearly, as you all know, so don't think I'm heartless, but we had another day lost and another day to make up for. Thankfully, he's getting better now. He's not scary too look at anymore and his mood is GREATLY improved. Unfortunately, we had to cancel a shoot with Chloe Elise. Bummer, as Chloe put it!

In other news...ha...I've always wanted to say that...we just released a wonderful new Chelsea Spanks movie. Chelsea Spanks: Amelia and Angela & Molly (CS-19). That's right, Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Angela Ryan and Molly Matthews. There's a first time ever double CS scene with Angela and Molly that's a spanking extravaganza! Of course, Amelia is a wonder to behold, as well. It's available on DVD, and streaming. It'll be coming soon to the DRM (downloadable DVD rentals movies).
To see more, CLICK HERE. And, one little double picture to entice you to follow that link!

Finally, the site Carolyn'sSexySpankings is not to be, after all. Carolyn's just too busy and we couldn't see how she'd be able to get here once a month on a regular basis to shoot updates reliably. So, the one scene we did shoot is going up at GoodSpanking.com this week. It's just what it's supposed to be...SEXY!


Happy New Year and What I've Been Up To Lately

It's been a month since I posted? Yikes! Guess you all know why that is, so there's no need to say, once again, how BUSY I am. Hahaha!

What have I been up to lately? I've (or shall I say we've) have been up to our eye balls in orders from the Christmas sale, which comes down tomorrow. Finally! Not that we're not extremely grateful to all of you for taking great advantage of our sale. We are, we really are. Now, if you'll all just be patient while we try our hardest to get those DVDs to you. We've still got hundreds of DVDs to dupe. Along with all of our usual website updates and shoots, it's been a tad overwhelming. There just aren't enough hours in a day. But really, thank you, thank you, thank you all for your patronage AND patience!

The year started off great, too, with a special feature on Sinn Sage and our site with her, www.SpankSinn.com. The blogger at The Cherry Red Report asked her to write a piece on erotic spanking...well, all spanking is erotic in one way or another. So, I'll call it sexual spanking, because that's really more to the point. The link to read her wonderfully witty and intelligent piece is right below this seriously hot picture of her.


We also had our first shoot for our new site for 2009, SpankingMILFS.com. It'll hopefully be up by the end of March. We brought back two ladies from our start up days, Jewell Marceau and Stacy Burke. Both look great and both were terrific in their MILF set up. One working mom and a stay-at-home mom working together on a bake sale for the PTA. Hahaha!

We'll be shooting with Sarah Gregory again, next Monday. See? We're completely crazed around here. It's my New Years resolution, however, not to miss workouts. No matter what's going on, I've gotta make it to yoga and on my hikes. Last winter I let too many workouts slide in favor of getting work done and believe me, by the time spring rolled around I was not a happy camper. Staying in shape is part of my job, as I see it, and therefore I will now wrap up this little posting and get on up my mountain before it gets dark and cold. Here's to a GREAT 2009 for all of us and all of you! Love and Peace!


Customer Appreciation Time!

I'm just making a  quick drop-in to mention it's that time of year again, when we at Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment like to have our annual Christmas Spanking Sale. It's a two-for-one deal that's hard to beat (uh, did I say that?)! Our entire inventory is 50% off. That's just crazy!! Ha!

Not really... We want you to take the time to get a little present, or two, for yourselves and we want to thank you for a great year by making it EASY for you to do just that.

Anyway, click here to see what the deal is. ;-)


My Thanksgiving Weekend and other topics

I'm in a state of flux concerning this journal. I have set up a wordpress (actual) blog, but I don't know how to use it, yet. I was putting off posting, hoping I'd be able to figure out my new blog before coming back to this page, but that hasn't happened. I admit to being a slow learner when it comes to new programs. I'm no where near being a geek. Wish I was. I admire techno-geeks, I really do. So, until I've learned how to use my new blog, I'll just have to keep posting here.

I have lots of pictures to share from our Thanksgiving weekend. We explored a couple of places that were fun and interesting. There's Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village. A California registered historical landmark in Simi Valley (where the resent wild fires left a lot of people homeless). Normally, you need to make reservations to tour this curiosity in the foothills, but they had an open house for one day where all donations (entry fees) were given to people affected by the wild fires. Larry and I decided this would be a perfect time to check out Grandma Prisbey's lifetime of strange artwork. This woman, when she was 60 years old, began building a bottle village. She said it began with empty beer bottles her husband had accumulated. Apparently he was a bit of a heavy drinker. But, she had to expand her search to the local dumps as her need for more and more bottles grew. She built 13 bottle buildings in all and a sort of a bottle and scrap driven landscaping around them. She had, by my estimation, a macabre sense of humor in her work, as you can see from some of the photos here. There are only a few of the buildings left standing. They weren't built with seismic activity in mind and the 1994 Northridge earthquake brought most of the buildings down. The remaining ones are still well worth the visit.

 A wall of a bottle house from the inside.

Another super macabre sculpture!


The Friday after Thanksgiving, right after I finished our GoodSpanking.com update (the beginning of MY spanking from Kailee) we went for a drive in the mountains. We stopped at our favorite mountain cheese burger joint, the Hidden Springs Cafe. It's another curiosity shop of sorts. You can read more about it at, www.hiddenspringscafe.homestead.com. It's a hoot and we love it there. After enjoying our mountain cheese burgers, we headed down into the desert to visit a place called Vasquez Rocks. The rock formations there are famous. They've been the back drop for many a movie and several Star Trek episodes. We worked off our slightly naughty lunch by climbing around on the rocks and enjoying the view.



Okay, enough vanilla stuff. Over to the left, check out my red ass!


Yes, I Got Super Busy Again!

I didn't realize how busy until I opened this page to do a posting and saw that it's been eleven days since my last posting. Holy-moly!

I'm just dropping in to say "Hi!" and to share some photos from Larry's and my last beach day. It was well over a month ago, but I didn't have time to post the pics then and I just remembered them. It was a gorgeous day and probably one of the last for the year to steal away to the beach. We weren't the only ones who had the idea, so we weren't exactly alone on the beach. But, it was a glorious day anyway and a much needed get away. Here's one last send off to the summer of 2008, albeit a little late.

A little something at lunch to encourage beach blanket sleeping!

After beach blanket sleeping.

Finally, Beverly Bacci has entered herself in a contest that she REALLY wants to win. Beverly was in CP-113, Paid and Paid Back, with Sarah Gregory and she has a great blog, too! So, go and vote for her at http://www.houseofbias.com/contest.html


A Quick Posting with A Great Interview and Shared Spankings

I've got an interview clip with Amelia-Jane Rutherford to share. She's great fun and smart and all of her wonderful personality comes across beautifully in our short clip. So enjoy!
You can see her at GoodSpanking.com. She won't be on this site for a little while, yet.
I had another fun shoot this week with another out-of-towner, Kailee. This time we traded spankings. I know, I know...I haven't been on the bottom end of the spanking for quite a while. Suddenly, I just got an urge. I wanted to be spanked! So, since this is MY show, I get to decide who gets spanked and how much. Ha! It was quite stingy, but pleasantly so.

I've been keeping this under wraps for quite a while now. But, we're going to be launching yet another new site. This one will come out during the first part of next year. The url is SpankingMILFS and it will be the ONLY site on which you'll see me spanked from then on. I'll be bringing back as many of the girls we started with (back in 1998) as I can locate. They're all lovely little MILFS now, so that should be perfect and fun! There you go...you heard it here first.


I Voted!

Just dropping in to say I made it to the polls today, right after yoga and before finishing the www.GoodSpanking.com first weekly update. I know, now I'm supposed to go get my free Ben & Jerry's ice cream. But, that would counter all the great work I did in yoga, so I guess I won't. I don't know if this is going on in other states, but here in CA there are all kinds of freebies being handed out to people who did their civic duty. Personally, I don't think being a responsible citizen should be something you are rewarded for, like some kind of kid who did his/her homework. The participation itself should be reward enough. Hey, if you think you need a spanking for being good, I can do that!





Happy Halloween and other topics

First, before finishing work and running off to dinner and a party, let me say
I love Halloween. I just got back from the post office and nearly everyone was in silly costumes. People walking down the street in white face. Hahaha!

Speaking of funny, the other day while we were shooting with Francesca Le, we had a funny experience with a squirrel. Let me just post the pictures. Larry already had his camera in hand, so getting these was easy.

I swear, we didn't contrive to get these. Who could? This squirrel got up on our roof and saw Oni'onani through the window and I guess just feel in love. The little thing had it's little squirrel claws on the window and was just staring at her adoringly. She, on the other hand, was only slightly amused. She'd been napping on the washing machine while we shot on the couch across the sunroom. Yes, she was sleeping through Francesca's spanking. Let me just share a few photos of what the animals were oblivious to.

Shows you what squirrels and kitties know. I've had all kinds of great topics come to mind in the last week, or so. But, I haven't made it to this part of the site and so I've forgotten them.  I try to make notes, but the notes get lost in all the other paper work on my desk. Oh, BTW, the first story of two that we shot with Francesca is up at www.GoodSpanking.com starting today. Now there's a holiday treat for you. Maybe I'll remember one or two of those great topics before next week. Haha! Oh! I did just think of one more thing. There WAS another exciting shoot this week. It was for www.SpankSinn.com and the pics and clips are already up there, too. The platinum blonde is Charlotte Stokely and she's getting the spanking first. She does spank Sinn, though, too. So don't give up hope of Sinn getting spanked soon!


It's been too long and two new videos is why

Actually, the two new videos aren't really why it's been so long since I last posted. Seems like I start all my posts that way these days. It's just that this year has been an incredible year for ideas for us and Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment. On top of having our two new sites, www.GoodSpankingClassics.com and www.SpankSinn.com we've been working to make other things a little better two. I just spent the better part of two weeks completely reorganizing www.GoodSpanking.com. It's MUCH easier to navigate now and MUCH easier to get whole, completed storylines all together in one place. I know that sounds terrible and it was! It used to be pages and pages of updates all over the place and if you liked a particular storyline, you had to browse all those pages to find one video clip after another to get to the bottom of the story (okay, admittedly a bad pun). Now that's all fixed and it looks, feels, works so much better! I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders!
At the risk of making this nothing but a big promo posting, I do have to point out that I just posted those two new videos, which were sitting on my desktop for at least a couple of months awaiting release. Go to CS-17 and CS-18 ad pages to see what's going on there. It's a lot and it's HOT!!

I have more to post about. Larry and I did manage, among all the other things that are going on, to slip away to the beach for a day. But, I'm having problems getting my cell phone to send those pictures to my email. I just keep getting a message that the multimedia message failed. Boohoo! A great beach day in October is something one ought not to miss. We weren't the only ones who got the idea to play hooky for the day. It wasn't exactly crowded, but for a Thursday afternoon it was.

We have so many model mini-interviews to post, too. Larry's been so busy editing and making clips for the sites, he hasn't had a minute to get to all those 30 second interviews. We've got Sarah Gregory, Shayne Ryder, Amelia-Jane Rutherford. Plus, we're going to be shooting with the fabulous Francesca Le this week. Weee!

Jade Indica

Sarah Gregory                                                   Shayne Ryder


New Car, New Shoes and a Great Shoot!

Three good things happened this week. I know, since this is a spanking blog, of sorts, I should talk about the spanking first, but I won't.

Last Saturday I got a new car. My old car, my first dream car actually, was hard to part with. I had mixed feelings and pondered the acquisition of a new car for about a month. I loved my Chrysler Sebring convertible. I mean really LOVED it! But, the car was now eight years old and starting to be more trouble than fun. I spent what I consider to be a huge amount on repairs in July. It was a blown head gasket, because some part or another reached its planned obsolescence and broke and my car subsequently overheated on a hot July day. It happened so quickly that I thought I'd pulled over in time before any real damage was done, but obviously not. The Sebring was made during the time that Mercedes-Benz owned Chrysler and so the girl had a Mercedes style engine. The labor was half the cost of the repairs. Two weeks later, the car died again and I was using  AAA for another tow into my mechanic's shop. When he saw me coming, he knew it was time to break the bad news that it was time for a new car. He knew how I felt about my Sebring.

The Sebring when it was still pretty new. This pic was taken on a little road trip home from a Shadow Lane spanking party in Palm Springs, probably back in 2001.

The thing that will always be most special about my Sebring is that it was my Space Girls (CPX-1) car, the one Agent 00X used to track the naughty space girls, bring them back to the mothership, spank them and send them back to all space girls' home planet, Callipygios. That's from the word callipygian, which means "pertaining too, or having, finely developed buttocks."

Funny how love can change when things start to go wrong. I'm too busy to be waiting around for AAA all the time and not rich enough to be dropping huge amounts of money into a car that has reached its planned obsolescence. So, I traded in my Sebring and got a Toyota Camry Solara convertible, which is the car my mechanic recommended. He said he has other customers with that car and that the need for repairs is non-existent, regular maintenance in the only thing required and the car will last me for years and years. Funny, I think my mechanic really likes me because his advice lead him to losing money. Okay, so here are the pics of my new Solara convertible.

The rag is black, so I think she matches my coloring pretty well. I'm quickly falling in love. The car is a beaut. GPS, Bluetooth, satellite radio, heated front seats. What's not to like. Now I have to get to work making enough money to pay for it!

Okay, now on to the shoot. We were visited by Amelia-Jane Rutherford. She's that super popular spanking star from the U.K. Some have referred to her as a Goddess and she is indeed a spanking Goddess. I had great time! Here are some of the pics. She'll be appearing on GoodSpanking.com soon!

We shot two scenarios for our Photoplays section. Yes, she's a bit taller than I, so I had to think of ways to get her in a convincing OTK. When that tired her out and I laid her on a desk top. I had to sit on her to keep her there. Also, she's very intelligent, so the witty repartee is especially fun. She's a delight and a challenge, but a challenge that I would gladly welcome again. Finally we shot a Chelsea Spanks with her. She took a LOT during that, as you can see by the array of implements she's holding in the last pic.
What a great week! Started with a new car, then I got new shoes in the mail and then I got to meet and spank a wonderful, beautiful and truly intelligent woman. Can it get any better than that?


Is Anyone Still Reading?

No, I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I just haven't been posting regularly and I'm hoping I haven't lost any interested parties. The reason I haven't been posting is because I've been burning the candle at both ends for weeks now over personal things going on, like my husband wrecking his back and me having to do everything myself for about a week and that hula competition that took my away from home for nearly a week. Then, of course, the launch of a couple of new sites has kept me busy, too, not to mention trying to keep up with regular releases of videos and streaming updates. It does sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself, huh? I'm not...really, really! Speaking of new releases, be sure to check out CSS-22 with Carolyn Reese, just released on DVD and for streaming.

Okay, first things first. We had two shoots this week. One was for our newest site, www.SpankSinn.com with Sinn, of course, and Carolyn Reese. That site is taking off like a rocket! We shot a little for Carolyn's site, too. I don't want to make any promises where her site is concerned, though. Carolyn's a super-busy actress these days and getting her here for shoots takes a lot of arranging. So, Carolyn'sSexySpankings will come in its own good time. No sense in rushing the girl. It was very sweet, though. The girls did a trade off with each other so neither one had to pay the other. Carolyn worked for Sinn's site for free and visa versa. Oh, and by the way, those two ladies have CHEMISTRY!! OMG! I just sat and watched in amazement as Larry videotaped the proceedings. Glorious to behold! I was literally panting by the time they wrapped each scene. I love watching a great scene unfold. I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

The next shoot was with another spanking newbie named Shayne Ryder. And yes, it was another Chelsea Spanks session. I can't help it! I keep needing CS content so I keep having to do that, you know, spank someone who's never been spanked before for a half hour straight without stopping. I have to say, though, that this girl was up for it. She took every bit and asked for me to spank harder. By the end her behind was quite colorful, but she was still smiling a beaming smile. She was MOST eager to please! Her before spanking mini-interview is posted to the left.

Just adding one last thing, Larry's feeling much, much better. Yay!



Still Crazed After All This Time

Well, I'm back from my hula competition and we won, AGAIN! That's three in a row! Probably my hula sisters have more to do with that than I do, since I'm still one of the newest girls in the line. But, I had a great time. It was all things hula all weekend and I couldn't have been more pleased about that. Now, it's back to reality, sort of. If you can call making spankings movies reality. Even my reality series is for fantasy enjoyment. It makes it kind of difficult to remain grounded sometimes. But, just when you think you can slip away into a daydream, real life comes along and hits you upside the head (I'd take it on the behind instead any day).

My Larry has wrenched his back. We were in a very nice hotel, but I had a room with one of my hula sisters for the first few days. On the last day, she went home and Larry joined me for one last night before my family all split. We tried (I say try because it wasn't very successful) to sleep together in a double bed. We're used to a California king, as I'm sure many of you have seen. You've seen our bed in many a video, it's true. While trying to get comfortable he did something to his back that came back and bit him two days later, just as we were returning to work. Since then, he's been unable to get out of bed for the pain. He can barely walk a few steps and forget sitting up in a chair! Well, guess what? Editing and video clip making both require sitting up in a chair. Soooo, because we don't have a large staff running around our office, I've had to do everything this week.

Larry taught me to edit, via the telephone, and to make the subsequent clips necessary to do our usual site updates. We couldn't miss. I couldn't sleep at night knowing we'd missed updates. Especially for our new www.SpankSinn.com . That site's only a couple of weeks old. Skipping an update is definitely not  very good at this point. I guess you could say that's the good thing that's come from my poor hubby's ordeal. I now know how to edit. I'm not nearly as good as him at it. For those of you familiar with our video inventory, all I have to say is remember Space Girls? Now that was an editing tour de force!

Okay, just a moment to feel sorry for myself. I've been tied to computers since Tuesday afternoon. Editing on one and while the clip is being compressed, working on photos on the other. Finally at the end of the long day, sending up site updates, getting dinner made and doing whatever chores he usually does like watering the garden and taking out the garbage. I'm wiped!!

Oh, I guess I should mention... Because I'm the lone spanking soldier this week, one of our updates will be late, but only by a day. Our www.GoodSpankingClassics.com update will go up tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 6th. Thanks for understanding you Classics members and everyone please keep a positive thought for Larry and his quick recovery. Thanks!


Too Busy For My Own Good...not really

Yes, I'm super busy, but it's all good. Really! We had a GREAT shoot with Jade Indica on Wed. So very hot! We did a naughty secretary scene where she offers me oral sex to compensate for a mistake she's made. Guess what she gets instead! And, we did a sort of a departure from our usual with a darkly lit hallway with mirrors spanking that Larry and I are both crazy about. It's not often that we come up with something truly different. That's hard, you know, when you're so oriented to your usual fantasy fare.

We did a couple of scenes with Sinn and Jade, too, for Sinn's new site, www.SpankSinn.com. This site is really hot. I mean it. I wouldn't lie. I get, uh, "happy" just working on it. It's off to a fast start, too. Not loaded with content, yet, but it will be soon and what's there now is substantial and very satisfying.

Okay, now on to a couple of other things. We now offer a two-site special for both GoodSpanking.com and GoodSpankingClassics.com. It's a great deal. Click on the little side bar banner and it'll take you to a page that tells you all about it. You can join from there, too, if you like what you see.

Finally, go to our CP-113 ad page and see what our newest release is all about. It's got two stories in one, Paid and Paid Back, and The Unhappy Birthday Spanking.

How's THAT for busy!

Next week, all three sites, GoodSpanking, GoodSpankingClassics and SpankSinn will all be updated with all their content for the whole week at once. I'm off to my hula competition and so I'll be spending my weekend getting updates up so as not to miss any. Wish me luck!

A teaser pic from CP-113. That's Beverly Bacci over my knee and Sarah Gregory looking on. Yeah, I made 'em both watch each other get spanked!



SpankSinn.com is live!

Okay, I haven't been posting too regularly, but in my defense I've been really, really busy. Something has come of it, though. www.SpankSinn.com is now live! It's hot and it's ready and now you can join! Go have a look see. I'm sure you won't be able to resist!

These pictures are just a small sampling of what's already on the site, along with our usual 3 minute video clips. Believe me (as you know I'm good for my word) there's LOTS more to come! Sinn is full of ideas for future shoots, too. Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to interject too much. We want this to be Sinn's site, all Sinn's! The structure of the site is Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment styled, but almost everything else within is completely influenced by this sexually super-charged spanking super-star. So, get in on the ground floor and enjoy all the sizzling spanking Sinn has to offer, knowing there's so much more to come!
Besides SpankSinn, I've been crazed busy on so much more, too. Not all of it spanking. But, most of it. There have been shoots and updates galore for GoodSpanking.com and, of course, the generous weekly updates to GoodSpankingClassics.com, too.
Plus, I've been trying not to neglect myself amidst all of this spanking work. If you can call it work. ;-) There's hiking, yoga and swimming. One of them, at least, daily. AND, I'm getting really close to a hula competition that's taking place on Labor Day weekend. We're up to three intense rehearsals a week! That's why I'll have to miss the annual Shadow Lane party that weekend. Can't be avoided. Oh well. Maybe everyone will appreciate me more next year for my absence this year. lol!


Tops Got It All Over Bottoms

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? But, the other night after dinner, while Larry and I sat enjoying the last of our wine, a little jazz and candlelight, Larry decided he wanted to spank me. Now, I was kinda tired, as is usually the case after working, working out, shopping and making dinner. I tried to get out of it. Every excuse he came up with, I tried to talk my way out of. And, I was right in every case. He was being positively silly! Result? I got spanked anyway. See what I mean? It's insidious!

Now, I've definitely by this time developed a bit of a reputation as a top myself. So, I know this sounds ridiculous coming from me. But, I must say, I never realized how unbalanced this little spanking equation can be. The next day, that was Wed., I had a shoot. I was topping, as I pretty much do almost all the time these days when we shoot. (When you want a job done right...) The girl was a newbie, not only to us, but to adult spanking. Actually, by her reaction, I don't think she'd EVER been spanked. We did three scenes and she was terrific in them. Her name is Kayme Kai and she'll be coming soon to GS. But, by the third scene, she reacted in a strange way to the set up. She was pretending to be doing some laundry and had tried to help me by washing one of my leotards for me. I never dry my leos in the dryer. They kinda shrink and wear out faster. So, I gave her a leotard to pull out of the dryer just as I was asking her if she had seen my favorite. It went something like this, "Kayme! Have you seen my favorite leotard?" Then I enter the scene. She's holding it up and says, "It's right here. I just washed it for you." I say, "What! You dried my leotard in the dryer!!" She says, after looking at me like 'Oh no, you're not going to spank me AGAIN are you?' "I thought I was helping you!"

It was funny, but strange, too. The way she delivered the line was like some poor roommate of Chelsea's who is constantly being spanked (read abused) by the bully Chelsea. A little aside here, I don't think consensual adult spankings are abuse. In any case, we stopped and laughed a lot. I suggested she really needed to find herself a new roommate. We laughed some more and then we went on with the scene. Then it occurred to me that this was exactly what I'd experienced with Larry the night before. Completely ridiculous and insidious reasons for being spanked and still get  you spanked, no matter WHAT you have to say about them. Oh well. Good thing I like spanking. Huh?