Friday, November 24, 2017

The Double Whammy. Why?

As you can tell by my post title, this is something that’s been bothering me for a while. Well, bothering might be a bit much. I haven’t been losing sleep over it, or anything like that. No floor pacing, or talking to myself. Umm, okay, but not about that. So, anyway, why do some people do the two handed spank, or smack, or whatever it is?

I can’t really get on much of a soap box here, because I have done it myself from time to time. But, when I went in search of photographic evidence, the only place I found pictures of proof of my transgression was on SpankSinn. Probably because Sinn is a big fan of The Double Whammy. She does it to her spanking play partners all the time. So, accordingly, knowing that she likes it, I’ve done it to her. But, when I went in search of further evidence of my transgression on GoodSpanking, where my tastes influence my techniques, I could have spent the rest of the day searching for a full photo, my face included, of me Double Whammying.

Sinn's hands Double Whammying.

Here's Sinn doing it again. With hand AND hairbrush no less!

Crazy, huh? Oh, that's Dylan Ryan taking it so gamely. Great buns, huh?

Here’s the only proof of me doing it, without my having spent an inordinate amount of time searching.

Yup, those are my hands alright.

I even left my finger prints!

What’s your take on The Double Whammy? Are you a traditionalist, like myself? You know…OTK, one hand at her waist the other doing the spanking? Or, do you think making it supposedly harder by landing both hands is completely appropriate?

  • Adam said,

    Well I think from a physics perspective, you cannot get enough force with both hands, versus one hand, to really effectively create the same amount of sting. Let’s look at the equation here: force x hand 1 = sting2(squared). force x hand x 2 = sting. So you can see that two hands does not create the same amount of sensation on a bottom that one hand does. However for the applicator of the spanking, it probably is fun for a brief moment. I am available if you need to do extensive research on this subject and would gladly sacrifice my hands for such a worthy cause (ahem)…

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