Friday, November 24, 2017

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on July 11, 2013

That’s lovely Sarah Gregory with me after the shoot we did together last month. What a blast! She’s a pretty good spanker, too.  All the scenes that we shot are up at our GoodSpanking site. I’m actually still sporting last year’s tan here. You can kind of see that last year’s suit was a one [...]

Every Day!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on May 5, 2011

I just read on one of my favorite non-spanking related blogs that one ought to blog daily, no matter how short the post. It’s about letting folks in on your daily life and all. Hmmm… I don’t know if I’ll be able to blog DAILY, but I can always hope. So, what’s going on in [...]

We Begin at the Beginning

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on November 30, 2010

Eve Howard of Shadow Lane was kind enough to send me some pictures from my first adventures in spanking video land. Uh, that was back in 1991! They are from the cover shot of me for an issue of Stand Corrected, the videos Double Date and Blue Denim and, last by definitely not least, the [...]