Friday, November 24, 2017

About Me

I’m a spanking video producer, co-owner of Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment with my husband Lawrence Selden. Our company is currently in production since 1998 and we’ve been shooting spanking movies together, like crazy, since then.
As well as being a performer in my videos (as a spanking top and sometimes a switch), I’m a writer and photographer. Though I do very little of the photography since I’m most often in front of the camera, I sometimes do the photos when I’m not involved as a performer.
We produce all girl-spanks-girl spanking videos, because that was the format with which I was always most comfortable. Plus, there were so many other M/F producers when we started that we felt we had a real niche there. We really started something, as now there are also several producers out there who use the girl-spanks-girl format.
I have been into spanking all my life, but realized my affinity for the fetish when I was already an adult. I was spanked as a child, but never violently. The punishments were simply my parents best tried-and-true method for behavior modification. There was no trauma, no running about and yelling, etc. (That said, I do not now believe spanking to be an appropriate way to handle behavior modification for a child, as I have a greater understanding of how a child might perceive it as an invasion of very personal space.) And, when I saw spankings scenes in movies as a child I felt a romantic attachment to them. The male in the equation simply loved the female he spanked and did it for her own good and the good of their relationship. That seemed quite normal to me. I didn’t realize it wasn’t normal. Then, as an adult, I read a letter in a Penthouse letters magazine that sent my world reeling. I realized that I wanted to be spanked, and/or spank as an adult, erotically. This I somehow surmised wasn’t “normal,” so I kept it to myself, sharing it only with my then husband. He didn’t quite understand what I was wanting when I first explained it to him and our first effort at it was awkward, at best. We didn’t try it again until we moved to California, where my ex-husband got a job at a bondage magazine and video production company. This put us right in the middle of the whole fetish world and there we/he learned how to go about it in a consensual, erotic manner.
This all lead me to where I am today. After divorcing my first husband, I met Larry, a lifelong spanking lover, as well. When we met, our chemistry was undeniable! I’ve never been happier that I found the courage to pursue my love of spanking and, even more, to decide to make my living by making movies that would help me express my desires and maybe even help some others out there, who like myself, knew they were turned on by spanking, but didn’t know how to go about enjoying it in a safe and pleasing way.
I hope I’m fulfilling my mission, as it would mean the world to me to do what has come upon me well and to help others!

  • lew fitch said,

    Dear chelsea ,as a naught boy myself i would love to be
    across your lp being paddled,spanked for an all day spankings,howevedr i probaly know that it maynever happen/

    so i wil have to dream of you spanking e every day exceptSunday ,my day of rest than continue on a sunny Monaay morning as usual..spankingly yours always lew fitch

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    Lew, you’re funny. Go ahead. That’s a good fantasy!

  • PoserArtist said,

    Chelsea, I’ve just published a F/M graphic novel with Ed Lee, and am collecting research tidbits to weave into a possible sequel. Are you (or any of your girlfriends) into punishing males? If so – have you seen the website? Given that it’s easier to develop settings in fantasy art than real-life, are there any settings (beyond the simple household setting) not covered there in the free area that you’d like to see? If you get a chance to view the new graphic novel (Amazon links are at the top of the posercpart webpage) – I’d be interested in what you think. Thanks!

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    PoserArtist – Good luck on your graphic novel!

  • Ron said,

    Sounds like you need a good spanking

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    Oh really? Such an original thought!!

  • jim m smith said,

    if i can get my fiances straighted out,iwould love a spanking from u or clare fonda or carolyn reese..its all good !!

  • Jon said,

    Hello i am jon 22…can you tell me the hardest spanking of your life you have recieved in your life…please upload your spanked bottom also full red bottom photos pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Septima said,

    Hello Chelsea,
    everyone has to fulfill a mission in his life. Everything has a sense of why this or that happens in our lives. I think it is extraordinary what you do, but I like it and I love it! I wish for you that you never lose the fun of her wonderful work, and hope that this homepage with all the good things that have to watch it continue to exist for a long time.

    All love Septima

  • Stephen said,

    Chelsea, Great website! Over the past ten years I have seen your acting ability in many spanking videos: your hot gorgeous body and great acting ability sets you far apart from many of your competitors.Some women are Hot…some women are beautiful…very few possess
    your unique hot/beautiful-look in any part of adult acting.
    All the Best…Steve

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    @Steve – Thank you so much!!

  • Huffy said,

    Hey Chelsea,
    I’m HUFFELSCRUFF and I can be found on FETLIFE.COM . I am a slave to my mistress LADY MOONTEARS. I love your work and would like to speak with you directly or indirectly. You strict no nonsense way of spanking reminds me of my mistress and believe me, she is nothing to take lightly…..especially when she’s holding her paddle. Like you this is a life and a lifestyle for me. I am a slave and would have it no other way. I love my life and endure the demands on my mistress as it is for my benefit and to improve my life… my mistress told it to me. We are building a ranch in Nevada 120 acres and would love for you and your husband to visit next year. Its a slave ranch. We are building a castle too. Please contact me if it suits you.

  • Huffy said,

    This is a friendship invitation and one I hope you will accept.

  • Leon said,

    I’m so happy you decided to pursue the idea of creating a company that focuses on producing sensual/erotic girl-on-girl spanking videos.

    To me, that is the best kind of videos there are but to be honest, it took me a long time to figure that out. I was looking in the wrong places, checking out punishment videos and hoping for a glimpse of a scene when the girl really enjoyed her spanking, but those clips are hard to find.

    Now, thanks to your work, I realize that there’s a special niche of sensual/erotic spanking videos and it’s all I go for.

    Keep up the great work!

  • anthony said,

    im still looking for those tight white panties on a plump rump a long spanking over those panties.

  • Brucie said,

    Hi Chelsea,

    I’ve saved something like twenty of your videos, and one that I’m especially drawn to is “Misfiled & Debriefed.” Needless to say, I love it. It’s beautifully filmed and performed.

    It’s a punishment spanking, but that doesn’t stop you enjoying having whimpering Sophie’s delightful bottom (and it truly is) at your mercy. Watching you spank her (and I need to make special mention of the exquisite moment in Clip 2 when you pull down her panties for a sublimely sustained bare bottom spanking) makes a primal connection with my own spanking sensibility.

    I sometimes wonder how one could ever explain spanking to an alien. And yet, I understand it just as if I’d invented it myself. Your videos provide an incomparable affirmation of spanking’s genius, Chelsea, and I’m so grateful to you.

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    I’m so pleased you enjoy our videos! Sophie is indeed a delightful woman. I always enjoy working with her. She gets it and me. Thank you for taking the time to express that to me!

  • Mark Denser said,

    Hello, Chelsea. I don’t seem to find a copy or even a link of the “Sore Feelings at the Office” video. I even checked out your spanking classics web site. Is it off the market? I never seen that one. I would like to download it from your site (preferably). Any chance?

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    It is on the site. Way back. We put that one up almost right after we started the Classics site. :)

  • Dennis said,

    Hi Chelsea, im from greece and i always wanted to get spanked from a woman but that is not gonna happen unfortunately cause here in greece i dont know if there is any spanking clubs or where so i just make fantasies… you know what i mean…

  • Phil said,

    Hi Chelsea

    Happy new year. Just checking, did you ever get a copy of the book ‘Earogenous Zones’ with a copy of my chapter that discusses ‘Space Girls’?

    Best Wishes


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    read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  • Spanky said,

    Hello Chelsea,
    I am doing a post for my blog discussing tears. I came across your clip with Christy Cutie titled “The Discipline Session”, I would love to reference this piece in my post because of two reasons: 1- It is the most vulnerable and truest depiction of tears, remorse, anticipation and contrition I have ever seen from Christy except for the shoots she does with her Daddy; and 2 because it falls in line with what I want to say regarding the effect of honest tears.

    I don’t want to use the reference without your ok, so this is me asking if you would mind? My blog isn’t huge, it is more of a vanity piece for me, but I do get views and I try to keep things interesting as best I can. I totally understand if you say no. I’m good that way and I’ll still be a fan of your site no matter how you respond.

  • Chelsea Pfeiffer said,

    Go for it! Thanks for asking first.

  • Mark Denser said,

    Happy Rosh Hashanah! If it means anything to you).

  • Movies said,

    I like the helpful info you provide for your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and take
    a look at again here regularly. I’m rather certain I will
    learn a lot of new stuff proper right here! Best of luck for
    the next!

  • John said,

    Hey chelsea, I have a fantasy of spanking older women, maybe it could be like a mom spanked by son video?
    I am 20 yoa, how would you feel about being laid across my knee for a bare bottom spanking?

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