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How to Give a Good Spanking

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 14, 2011

This idea originally came to me as a topic for this blog, but fate intervened. It now is first a video and second a blog topic. Perhaps that’s exactly how it should have been all along, so I’ll just roll with it.
As I’ve begun writing, I know albeit only a little so far, I’ve begun compiling topic ideas. One thing led to another and I soon began to see that with such a visible (read maybe a little too often seen – ha!) presence in the spanking scene and with the body of work I’ve amassed I need to realize that I have some responsibility. I should own up to what I’ve been portraying. Maybe even starting to write my photoplays at our GoodSpanking site in the first person, owning up to what is really going on between me and whichever lovely lady I’m so lucky to be spanking. Even within the role plays, to go first person… Then, more than that, I need to realize that I AM portraying spankings that are real. This surely must, on some level, be reflected in the attitudes and techniques my viewers take with them after viewing my portrayals. Wow! That’s important, I think. I mean, I know… Thus the video which is now viewable in demonstration/instructional clips, with the hearty help of a very capable Ariel X, at GoodSpanking.com.
And, this post and here goes:

A good spanking, at least the way I do it, always begins OTK. It can either be in a straight backed chair, or on the couch or a bed. Since I knew this was going to have to be a lengthy demonstration (I believe it was something like 45 minutes, but don’t hold me to that), we began on the couch. It was Ariel’s idea to wear the daisy dukes, or super short shorts. Guess she wanted to get it going right away. Usually, I begin over some-one’s jeans, or a dress. These are a little scant, so she got warm a little quicker. Ariel’s quite experienced. I didn’t question her charming choice. I merely enjoyed it. In this picture, she’s already quite red. That’s because we shoot our “formal” stills after shooting.

Here’s one of our “action photos,” as I call them. It’s a long story, but I like the formal still, Larry likes the action video grabs because they’re so much more real. So, we have them both. Twelve years and still compromising. :-D Anyway, you can clearly see that Ariel’s behind isn’t really flaming red already. I’m still giving her a nice warm up. She’s relaxing into it. It’s nice.

After about, oh, five minutes over her shorts I had her take them down. I like the ritual of the layered removal of clothing as the spanking progresses. It’s a tease and it gives another little exciting dimension to the whole scene. See, panties can’t really protect one’s bottom from the sting of the spanking, especially Ariel’s cute little panties.

But, there’s just something psychological about the removal of them. It’s a bit embarrassing. Although, very little embarrasses me anymore. I have to remember to be modest when I go to the doctor and wait till he leaves the room before I disrobe. Seriously, I’ll undress at the drop of a hat. But, I digress. More than embarrassing, the spanking does really seem to sting more after panties are taken down.

Here we are at the bare bottom spanking, at last. Just a few words to say about technique here. There are a lot of little variations that I employ while administering a bare bottom spanking. I go from light, to a little harder and then a little harder still. I work my hand all over both bottom cheeks, creating even double red circles. A vision of loveliness! I try to give the spankee a little tingling sensation by going a little lightly and getting their bottom relaxed, then I plant a good firm smack. If I do it just right I can feel a little ripple of muscle and energy that is involuntary. To me, that feeling on my behind is good. It’s comforting and enlivening at the same time. Let me say that the spanking could end here. One doesn’t have to take a barrage of implements every time they’re spanked.

For the purposes of this demonstration, however, several implements were  required. Time for the first implement. I want to point out that Ariel chose her own line up of implements. I like to encourage that whenever I can. The ladies choices don’t always turn out to be as they thought, but I understand that and I work with it. No need to traumatize anyone during a consensual spanking. And, even when we decide to participate in disciplinary sessions, traumatic shouldn’t enter the picture. Goodness, I’m on my soapbox now. :-p

Moving on:

As I was sure by this time that Ariel’s behind was good and warmed, as I said, I decided it was implement time. The first, for me, is almost always a hairbrush. It seems to me to be a good in betweener. It’s hard, but not too hard. It’s not too easy, either. Again, I go from light to hard, to harder. I move the strokes to the behind around. One important thing about implements, though, is that I always begin to pay close attention to body language when I’m using them. One too hard smack of even a hairbrush can make all the good you’ve done go away. Let’s face it. This should be enjoyable for both parties. I know I can slam away at her behind with full force and I also know Ariel can take that, but at this point with so many more implements to go there’s no need. It stings, but stings kind of good sometimes. Ariel’s going there with me and I can tell by her body language.

See? Check out her expression in this action photo. Do you see what I mean?

I now interrupt this spanking with a round of rubbing. During a long session, rubbing is pretty much a given. A) I could clearly see that Ariel was beginning to get a little marked already and I know that rubbing can ease that a little. Ariel marks and some people do, so there no not marking her. Still, I don’t too much, especially too fast.

B) It gives the spanker, in this case me of course, a chance to get a good grope in. I know there isn’t much to hate about that. In fact, nothing I can think of to hate about that.

And C)… There is no C. I’m still back on B. Hehe.

Ariel’s next implement of choice was the ruler. I have a nice little thick plastic one that works pretty well. Those little wooden ones break immediately once you try to get a good snap down. Still, I find that I need to hold it with my index finger down the back of it to stablize it and give it some gravity. Then, it needs to be snapped down, kind of like a tiny cane. You have to give it a little wrist snap, not much, but enough or, well, no sting. No sting, no good! Again, work it around here and there. This is a good one to get a spankee right across the “sweet spot,” that sensitive area at the very top of the leg where the behind begins. I think I’ll just let you use your imagination on that one. If you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll get back to you. ;-)

Well, I’m close in this shot. Just about an inch lower on her behind, right at the crease…

Ariel also chose a wooden spoon. She didn’t know that I like these small implements to help make her ENTIRE behind red.

A good snap (once again these smaller implement require a bit of a snap) with a wooden spoon is pretty much guaranteed to get the attention of all but the most seasoned spankees. Again, I worked it all over her behind, lightly and not so lightly. She realized why wooden spoons are used for such purposes.

A lot of ladies choose this little leather paddle. I mean, it’s got roses on it and all. How hard could it be?

You can see from this action photo that the spanking is getting pretty hard, in increments. Ariel’s bottom really is flaming red at this point. Not shown in these photos are the several times when I stopped spanking to rub and soothe her burning bottom, in a nurturing, encouraging way. All I can say is it works. I’ve gotten many a spankee through a lot with a little compassion, nurturing and encouragement.

Finally, Ariel’s last choice, appropriate for this holiday. A thick wooden heart-shaped paddle. This is a coincidence. We didn’t plan this. I meant to have this post up a couple of weeks ago….  Really!
Back to the subject, this is tricky time as a spanker. I knew that Ariel was close to taking all she could take, but I knew her envelope could be pushed just a tad more and she DID choose the paddle, after all. Still, I never once landed that paddle as hard as I am able. Still, Ariel felt it good and hard enough.
That’s how I do it. Again, video clips of this lenghty demonstration are available at our www.GoodSpanking.com.

Thank you!