Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Which Implement and Why?

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on November 7, 2015

It occurred to me the other day that you all might not understand why I choose the implements I choose during the course of a shoot. So, I thought I’d illuminate, if possible. My thought processes might be a little confusing, at least they sometimes confuse me. Hehe.

First, it depends on the model. Second, it depends on the length of the scene. And, finally, it depends on how much hand spanking I’ve done and how much my hand, or my shoulder are beginning to feel the strain. I know, you’re thinking what about the model and her feeling the sting! That’s the reaction I usually get when I complain that the palm of my hand is bruised, or that my shoulder is dying. No love for the top… Well, not exactly, but you get it idea.

Like I said, I first consider the model and what she may, or may not be able to handle. I usually clear the implements with the model first, too. Once in a while, I might reach for another implement during the scene without having cleared it with the model first. That usually happens when I find I’m spanking someone who can take a LOT more than I expected.

Take Christy Cutie, Stevie Rose or Alex Reynolds, for instance. If you think a small paddle is going to be something that pushes them past their threshold, then you’d best think again. They’ll break that baby on you. All three of these amazing ladies can really take it, and don’t like having to act. So, I work hard giving them the spankings they so justly deserve.

As you can see, this paddling is getting it done for Christy.

You can’t really see the paddle in this picture, because it’s the same color as the background painting. I’ll get you a better look at this little, thick, hardwood wonder. It’s so hard that I don’t really have to put much shoulder behind the swing. Very well made paddle! Here’s the close up.

The hardest, most well made paddle I own. I save it for the really naughty girls!

And, poor Stevie Rose almost never gets away without a caning.

Stevie's bottom with cane about to strike. OW!

Stevie's predicable and understandable reaction to the caning.

Then, there’s Alex Reynolds. I love Alex, but I have to spank her hard! Notice the very thick, albeit cute “looking” paddle. Heart shapes don’t make thick wooden paddles hurt any less.

Paddle time!

Houston, we have contact!

Finally, there’s the situation where the model is new to me. I might have heard she’s game, but I don’t trust that. Like I said, I always clear the implements with the model first, especially during first time shoots. Also, some of the ladies come to me with a bit of trepidation. It seems I have a reputation of spanking kind of hard. Ooops! ;)

So, for Maddy Marks first shoot, (first shoots always include a Chelsea Spanks reality spanking session, which usually include at least 4 different implements), I really let her choose. And, when that happens I almost always (really actually always) end up using my straps. The girls always choose the straps. I don’t know why. Some say they like it. Hard to disappoint a girl who is game for a sound strapping!

The strapping at the end of Maddy's half hour of reality spanking...for cuts, no edits. What you see is what we really, really did!

I hit my mark straight across the middle of both beautiful bottom cheeks!

And, Maddy's expression after her half hour reality spanking session, which included a vigorous strapping at the end.

Seriously, I really do think the ladies like the strap the best. I don’t want to be boring, but I do like to please them. :)

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