Friday, November 24, 2017

And, We’re Off!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on October 3, 2015

No, not off our rockers. ;)

I mean we’re off to a new beginning at our members site. We’ve been concentrating our efforts there the most lately, since that’s where our video stories debut. And, with all the new content we’ve been shooting, things have been perking along here with perky bottoms everywhere!

We’ve currently got THREE different, lovely ladies (and all their various lovely attributes) featured on GoodSpanking right now.  THREE! An almost embarrassing (for them especially, spanking-wise, of course) display of girl-girl spanking variety.

First, we were lucky enough to find Ginger Sparks again, after she got away a couple of years ago after one shoot. I found her on Twitter and I’m so glad we connected again. She’s a lot of fun and takes her spankings with just a bit of a twinkle in her naughty eyes. She’s a bit (Ha!) of a brat, that one. She’s a full-figured, gorgeous woman who wears her curves just right.

Next, and please, these are not in order of favorites by any means because I love them all, is Stevie Rose. She came back into our lives looking absolutely smashing. Happier and healthier than I’ve ever seen her. Her lightness of personality is deceptive. There’s nothing light about her when it comes to taking spankings, paddlings, strappings, canings…you name it! I’m always amazed and even challenged. I’ve always contended that it’s harder to give a light spanking (having to be very careful to read body language, etc.). But, when it comes to Stevie, hard is hard work for me! She doesn’t like to have to “act”. So, out come the implements. Even my sturdy shoulder can only take so much. I’ve also been extra careful not to bruise my palm lately. I can’t afford to with all this shooting going on. Goodness!

Finally, I finally got to meet Maddy Marks, after hearing glowing reports of her from both Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie. Great reference ladies. Maddy is awesome! As is usual with all first time GoodSpanking girls, Maddy took her half hour, non-stop reality Chelsea Spanks session PLUS did two more story line roleplay scenes. She’s smart. She’s gorgeous. She’s really, really nice and she goes into brat mode like a light switching on. Beautiful. I know you’ll enjoy getting to know Maddy.

So, here are some pictures from our latest spanking adventures. Me, spanking so many wonderful ladies and Larry, working with the new amazing HD camera. Things are looking better than ever!

Ginger gets caught trying to lure a raccoon she's been feeding into the house to make it a pet. Seriously?

You can certainly guess what that shinanigans led to. OTK time!

Then, that Ginger thought it would be funny to draw a mousey face on me while I napped. Then I woke up at went out without realizing how I looked.

This time? She got the hairbrush, of course!

Then, there’s sassy Stevie…

She put salt in the sugar container and visa versa, while absentmindedly checking her texts on her phone.

She's a kicker and wriggler, that Stevie!

This plots a little too involved to explain in five words. Suffice it to say, Stevie earned this one!

And now, Maddy Marks. :)

She's so pretty, even when she's saying "Ouch!"

Ouch, indeed! That paddle looks harmless. Small, thin...and stings like I can't describe. Last time it was used on me, I literally saw stars. OooWee!

Again, all this action is on our newly invigorated, where we’re updating twice as much as we used to and getting more new ladies and just basically taking off! Seriously, you don’t want to miss this! Trust me! I’ve been doing this for a while. I know. ;)