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What’s Up at The Spanking Ranch

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on May 12, 2015

We zipped through the four amazing scenes of Christy Cutie’s “Spring Break” story. It was an intense video, the transgression being so very naughty and all. I mean, what 20 something takes off for Vegas for a weekend of spring break without telling her mother? Christy, that’s who and she got it, but good!

The punishment spanking that's waiting for Christy when she comes in the door.

During the entire first half Christy stubbornly refuses to confess her weekend whereabouts. Perhaps because she knew what the repercussions might be? She had to realize how worried Mommy Chelsea would be. Tsk! tsk!

You guessed it, once she admitted her wrongdoing, she had to be punished for that, as well. Of course!

Finally, she had a good taste of my Thwacker – my cane like implement that is made of a bit of sturdy prepared palm frond. It is only for the most naughty (and hearty) ladies. :0

Poor Christy learned her lesson the hard way.

Choosing a model once I’ve come up with this kind of an intense storyline is tricky. You need someone up to the task, and Christy is always up to the task! Love her! This story is up in its entirety at our members site, and coming this week is more amazingly adorable AnnaBelle Lee!

Also, I discovered a new site, that has made it much easier for me to offer customized spanking videos for interested parties. Past inquiries have been difficult to fulfill due to costs of models, etc. This site makes it much more affordable for the client, as well as more easily accomplished by me.

What do you want to see that you've never been able to find in a spanking video production?

You simply enter your information where prompted, i.e., category/spanking, model/Chelsea Pfeiffer. From there, you can choose how long you want it to be and any special add-ons (a little anal play perhaps?) You are given a field in which to enter the specifics of your custom video. Once you’ve filled in all of your fields, you’ll get a price quote. If you like it, they submit your offer to me and we’re off! It’s easier than it sounds… It’s also, if it’s straight ahead spanking and you don’t need a whole 30 minutes worth, it’s more affordable than a session with me. Which I do offer, by the way. If you’d like a session with me simple email me at :)

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