Friday, November 24, 2017

Now About All Those Nieces

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on April 15, 2015

After considering my many spanking video “roommates,” I naturally began to think about all the “nieces” I’ve had. The first appearance of me as Aunt Chelsea was in the video House Rules, with a very fetching niece, Samantha Woodley and her equally fetching and possibly even naughtier friend Ashley Fires. A good time was had by all…especially me!

Samantha Woodley & Aunt Chelsea

Naughty Ashley just couldn't resist spanking spankable Samantha

I think I just made a tongue twister. Naughty Ashley spanking spankable Samantha. It’s hard to say three times fast. Hehe.

If you can name one, or two, of my other “nieces,” I’ll post her picture in the comments section. Go!

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my cat Kolohe. He’s sitting here waiting for your responses. Looking at the picture, I must concede, my desk is a mesk. Uh, oh. Don’t get me started again.

This is Kolohe. His name is Hawaiian for "rascal".

In other news, we had the lovely AnnaBelle Lee back. It always seems to work out that she’s our first spankee of spring. Her two charming tails (sorry, I couldn’t resist) are now on our members site. Here’s a sample.

Naughty AnnaBelle One

Naughty AnnaBelle Two

In what way was AnnaBelle naughty? You’ll have to check the site to see. Here’s a hint, she’s not my roommate, or my niece.  ;)

And, we just finished an amazing shoot with Christy Cutie, who was even more naughty than AnnaBelle! I don’t quite have pictures of that ready to go, yet. We just did the shoot this last Monday.