Friday, November 24, 2017

The Drama of Spanking

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 23, 2015

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. It first occurred to me after the holiday shoot we did with Christy Cutie. She writes spanking fiction and I believe that the dramatic aspect of spanking, especially role playing is one of the things she appreciates most. I really like this aspect, too!

Here's a good example. Total Christy Cutie in high dramatic form. Cute!

And that pout. Love it! She'll pout until you give her a hug, too.

These two photos are from “trouble with texting,” (notice the all lower case – as in texting) and “Santa’s Cookies.” Both of these scenes can be found on and on DVD here at’s sale page.

Next topic? Why do I have so many short-term roommates? Hehe. Addie Juniper and I were joking about that during our last shoot and, a while back, Amelia Jane Rutherford did the same. I don’t know why this is? I’m a great roommate…as long as you don’t do anything naughty. ;)