Friday, November 24, 2017

Yesterday’s Shoot

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 5, 2015

We had a wonderful shoot with Addie Juniper yesterday. The theme of the day was Valentines Day, with three of the stories devoted to the February holiday and one devoted to my February holiday, my birthday. First, she anonymously gives a valentines to poor old Miss Grundy (this is Miss Grundy’s second plot presence for us…we kind of like her). When I notice my elderly neighbor prancing on her porch daily, all dressed to the nines, I ask her what’s up. When she tells me about the secret Valentine lover she’s got, etc., I get upset. I know it’s a prank and I can’t believe anyone would be that cruel. Guess who was that cruel?

Second, she eats Valentine chocolates after vowing not to eat chocolate and asking me to help her stay on her chosen path. Well, you know what happens when you ask me for help, right?

Then, after finding my email open, she emails my BF a nasty break-up email the day before Valentines Day. When my Valentines Day morning is greeted by an angry email from my BF, it isn’t a long guess to figure out who the prankster is.

Finally, she gives me a mean spirited birthday card. All around bad idea Addie!

The cards. I looked for the ugliest cards I could find. It was fun!

Then I had fun writing mean things in them. I mean, when do you get to write mean things in greeting cards?

More mean things. Teehee. And to myself, no less.

Addie pretending to write the Valentine. Isn't she cute?

Addie getting her first spanking of four. Isn't she cute?

We laughed at ourselves between takes during the set ups and had a great time. What a shoot! Coming this weekend at