Thursday, April 2, 2015

I’ve Had So Many Roommates!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on March 12, 2015

I got curious the other day and went through my video inventory to see how many roommates I’ve had over the years. I counted an even 30. Yup, 30!

My question is, why can’t I keep a roommate for very long? I mean, I’m neat and clean. I’m quiet. I’m thoughtful and dependable. I loan money. I even often take time out of my busy day to help them along in their live journeys. You know, I help make them better people, right?

I would list them, but that would be like calling them out and that wouldn’t be nice. Besides the list goes all the way back to 1998, so that might get tedious.

So, what could the problem be?

Do you think this might have something to do with it? This is Sophie Nova in Naughty Pie (CP-127)

Some things are just inscrutable. ;)

p.s. I’ve also had quite a few nieces, but that’s another story.

The Drama of Spanking

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 23, 2015

This topic has been on my mind for a while now. It first occurred to me after the holiday shoot we did with Christy Cutie. She writes spanking fiction and I believe that the dramatic aspect of spanking, especially role playing is one of the things she appreciates most. I really like this aspect, too!

Here's a good example. Total Christy Cutie in high dramatic form. Cute!

And that pout. Love it! She'll pout until you give her a hug, too.

These two photos are from “trouble with texting,” (notice the all lower case – as in texting) and “Santa’s Cookies.” Both of these scenes can be found on and on DVD here at’s sale page.

Next topic? Why do I have so many short-term roommates? Hehe. Addie Juniper and I were joking about that during our last shoot and, a while back, Amelia Jane Rutherford did the same. I don’t know why this is? I’m a great roommate…as long as you don’t do anything naughty. ;)

Yesterday’s Shoot

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 5, 2015

We had a wonderful shoot with Addie Juniper yesterday. The theme of the day was Valentines Day, with three of the stories devoted to the February holiday and one devoted to my February holiday, my birthday. First, she anonymously gives a valentines to poor old Miss Grundy (this is Miss Grundy’s second plot presence for us…we kind of like her). When I notice my elderly neighbor prancing on her porch daily, all dressed to the nines, I ask her what’s up. When she tells me about the secret Valentine lover she’s got, etc., I get upset. I know it’s a prank and I can’t believe anyone would be that cruel. Guess who was that cruel?

Second, she eats Valentine chocolates after vowing not to eat chocolate and asking me to help her stay on her chosen path. Well, you know what happens when you ask me for help, right?

Then, after finding my email open, she emails my BF a nasty break-up email the day before Valentines Day. When my Valentines Day morning is greeted by an angry email from my BF, it isn’t a long guess to figure out who the prankster is.

Finally, she gives me a mean spirited birthday card. All around bad idea Addie!

The cards. I looked for the ugliest cards I could find. It was fun!

Then I had fun writing mean things in them. I mean, when do you get to write mean things in greeting cards?

More mean things. Teehee. And to myself, no less.

Addie pretending to write the Valentine. Isn't she cute?

Addie getting her first spanking of four. Isn't she cute?

We laughed at ourselves between takes during the set ups and had a great time. What a shoot! Coming this weekend at

Welcome to 2015!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on January 26, 2015

I know, I didn’t blog a wit last year. In the face of what turned out to be a pretty tough one, I just developed the worst case of writer’s block and couldn’t budge it. Thanks to several requests that I get back to it, you’ve finally convinced me.

So, welcome to a new year and whatever it may hold. For us at CPE, it began with three new DVD releases. Not a bad start, I’d say.

Our Spanking Selfie with Sinn Sage

The first is called Our Spanking Selfie and it’s a spanking reunion of epic proportions. (Okay, maybe not epic proportions, but that was fun to say.) The story behind this one is a typical one for a shoot day where things don’t go as planned. You’ve got to get creative – think on your feet. We’d been planning this one for months. That’s how hard it is for Sinn and I to get together lately. It’s a three hour drive between us now. Still she loves her place by the ocean and I my place in the mountains. But, I digress.

Back to the story. Larry woke up sick. Really sick. Too sick to do the camera work. I tried to reschedule with Sinn, but there was just nothing in the near future that would work. I thought about  canceling, but then it came to me. We’d take our cameras, set them up on tripods and shoot a “spanking selfie.” Just me and Sinn and that’s what we did. Click on the banner above to follow the link and see all the pictures and get the rest of the story, which involves many implements (as usual).

The second is called Christmas for Christy + One, which means there are two Christmas oriented scenes and one other scene. Christy is equally naughty in all three, however. That’s what I love about her. Good, bad girl Christy!

Christmas for Christy + One

I adore doing these kinds of plots with Christy. She’s just perfect for those cute, tough-in-cheek, playful plots. She’s also good for a pretty pout, here and there. You’ve got to love that! Click on the banner to get the full scoop. It’s worth it. Trust me. Have I ever let you down? Okay, don’t answer that one.

And, the third is one I’d truthfully consider a break-through video for CPE. We’ve done a little anal play with temp taking and such. But, this one goes to a whole new level. We knew from previous conversations while working with Ela Darling that she liked a little anal activity now and then. So, we thought why not. See the thing about Ela is she likes to work with us, but can’t take as much spanking as a lot of others ladies we’ve worked with. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to do it, though. I thought, ‘Why not come up with something that will give her a little diversion and us a little something new. That thing included a shiny new butt plug and another shiny new anal toy. It’s quite a movie. It’s called The Price of Membership and if you click on the banner below you’ll find out all about it.

The Price of Membership

In other news, we are now able to accept Debit cards and many European cards on ,, (which is an archive site now) and this site,

Okay, 2015. Here we go!

Our Summer at The Spanking Ranch (Part One)

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on November 22, 2013

Now that our long Indian summer is over and the weather has turned, causing trees to turn I’m in a reflective mood. Thinking back, oh what a summer we had. Spanking, spanking and more spanking!

Back in June, just as the weather was requiring us to run the a/c, even during shoots, we had a lovely visit & shoot with Stevie Rose. That was followed by another nice visit & shoot with Ten Amorette. I finally got to meet and spank Addie Juniper, who said she enjoys spanking so much that she doesn’t shoot it for her own site. She wants to savor it for herself. But, she was happy enough to give it a go for us. We did a short storyline, followed by a Chelsea Spanks session. During the later it quickly became obvious that Addie likes her spankings erotic. Having had quite a bit of experience in that genre of spanking with dear Sinn Sage, I knew exactly what was required. We had a very nice time.

Amelia Jane Rutherford made her way over the pond and I never, ever want to miss a chance to spank Amelia. She’s sweet, genuine, funny (not to mention gorgeous). The funny thing about this particular shoot is that I was put on the spot to come up with a couple of story lines after I got the shoot days mixed up. For some reason I had it in my mind that the shoot was on Friday, thus when Amelia showed up at our door exactly on time on Monday I was put on the spot. I had just returned home from a series of errands and was about to get to work on a GoodSpankingClassics update when we heard a knock at the door. Larry went to check it out expecting a neighbor, or postal delivery and was shocked to find Amelia standing there…all sexy six feet of her. I jumped into action and while showering decided that the first story would be about Amelia showing up for the shoot four days early…her mistake, not mine. ;) She was a good sport about it and we had so much fun.

That was just half of the summer. Part two to come. And now, the pictures!

Stevie looks fabulous in this red dress. I was inspired to make her bottom equally as red.

Mission accomplished.

Stevie does an amazing job at swearing up a storm!

This, as it turns out, is only the first spanking Stevie gets for swearing this summer.

Ten is having fun pretending to prank call Aunt Chelsea.

This is what happens when one deprives Aunt Chelsea of her beauty sleep.

Hey, you'd spank her too. She let my tomato plants die!

Ten? What are you doing?

It looks naughty...

It is naughty!

And, what do naughty naked girls get?

Addie's telling me about how she sneaked into an amusement park. I'm shocked, of course.

Addie wore the perfect pair of Daisy Dukes.

She's got cute buns too!

Amelia and I are trying not to crack up as we begin the plot that's a twist on my real life day.

Amelia, too, opted for the Daisy Duke look. I'm still having a little trouble getting into character. :)

Okay. Enough of the cute shorts.

Now we've got the right expressions.

Forced stripping before the spanking.

Thus, I get to spank yet another lovely naked girl!

See? I'm always right. ;)

More pictures and more ladies in Part Two to come!

It’s That Time of Year Again!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on July 11, 2013

Time for bikinis

Bikinis so we can work on our tan lines.

So our bottoms look even redder when they get spanked!

That’s lovely Sarah Gregory with me after the shoot we did together last month. What a blast! She’s a pretty good spanker, too.  All the scenes that we shot are up at our GoodSpanking site.

I’m actually still sporting last year’s tan here. You can kind of see that last year’s suit was a one piece. This year’s bright blue bikini is fun, though. Don’t worry. I use sunscreen, otherwise I’d already be much more tan. ;-)

Summer is also time for one of our two annual sales. Our Summertime, Buy any 1 (or 2, or 3) DVDs and get 1 (or 2, or 3) for FREE! Yay! Just click on the banner below for details.

How much fun is THAT?!

Time Flies!

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on May 21, 2013

Omg! I didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post.  February! Oops! It might conceivably be possible that I’m in need of a dose of my own style of discipline. I didn’t say that! Don’t tell my husband! There’s been a lot of shoots since then, too.  But, one of our most recent, of course, stands out in my mind most. Actually two and both were with the admirably adorable Christy Cutie. I cannot say enough about this girl. She found her own way into the world of spanking via her writing of spanking fiction and her blog Naughty Christy Cutie. Once she found Fetlife, things took off for her. Everyone loves spanking, uh, shooting with her and for good reason. She LOVES it!

Christy tends to like to dress in a schoolgirl type of style, whether in a uniform, or not. And, that’s not my usual preference, but with her it’s so genuine it can’t be denied. She also blogged about how she liked a ritualized discipline concept, so that’s what we did the last time we shot. And, wow! It’s hot. REALLY HOT!

Christy's OTK

In the story, Christy comes to see me for her weekly discipline session. Each week, she must confess to me any and all reasons why she requires her weekly discipline. She confesses to buying answers to her college exam online with her Daddy’s credit card. Well, that can’t go unpunished! So, I start with a good, hard OTK.

Next Christy gets it with a large, thick wooden bath brush!

Isn't she cute being collared?

After we go for walkies, Christy is strapped while still on all fours.

You can see by the smeared make up, Christy cried.

Yes, it’s true. Christy cried, but during the first part of the scene, during the OTK hand spanking!

My favorite part.

My favorite part of the scene, though, is when Christy is handcuffed to the leg of the couch, upon which I sit as I administer a thorough switching. This part is impossibly hot. I’m switching her hot little bottom with all my might. She’s squirming around on the carpet, yeowing for all she’s worth. It takes my breath away just to work with the photos! Choosing ad photos is even harder. So many wonderful expressions. So many perfect, sexy moments. Believe me, we’re all going to get to know Christy Cutie a whole lot better!

Happy Birthday To Me

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 18, 2013

Okay, so yeah. Next Monday, the 25th, is my birthday. In honor of this blessed event ;) we shot a birthday spanking video. I got spanked by Cheyenne Jewel…and it was fun. There I said it, nothing to take for it. It stung real good, but it was very invigorating!
Since there’s a video of it, we’re having our Chelsea’s Birthday Spanking Sale. I’ll be posting that soon, maybe even today depending on how things go. So far today, things are going slowly. We’re having software problems and it’s a holiday. Once again, our tech people are unavailable. Huh…
On to the more positive, then, the details of the sale are Buy any 1 DVD and get my Birthday Spanking 2013 DVD for free. Yes, a fee video of my own poor badonkadonk (new bottom-descriptive word!) getting a few count downs with a few implements. Just a few, lemme see if I remember without looking at the pictures. A hairbrush, a leather paddle, another paddle and the strap? Here’s the banner, so you can see a couple of moments anyway.

Also, as nice little birthday surprise, on Thursday, the 21st, at 12:30pm, I’m going to be interviewed by Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn on their show, Radio Sex. You can listen on Sirius channel 103, or XM channel 103. The show airs between 11am and 2pm PST. You can call and comment 1 (800) 772-2388. And, I’m nervous even writing about it. This is someone else’s game. I’m used to being the one in control. Okay, I’ve become a control freak! Not really… But, I am nervous.

Finally, if you feel compelled to send me a birthday gift, I wouldn’t mind…and I REALLY wouldn’t mind getting a few new implements. It’s a gift that keeps on giving as you see your implement used over and over, for years to come! :) Anyway, if you do decide to send a new implement for my birthday, please send it (discreetly, of course) to CPE, PO Box 4458, West Hills, CA 91308. I’d be ever so grateful. I LOVE new implements!

Getting to the Bottom

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on February 4, 2013

I don’t know if you all can really appreciate the pain in the bottom, behind, posterior, derriere, butt, ass, fanny, tush, tushy, or finally, rump of coming up with different ways to describe one!

How many more words can we possibly come up with to describe a bottom? This is my life… ;)

Looking at a LOT of these is also my life... Poor me. NOT!

I must confess, I don’t recall ever having used rump.

A- What’s your favorite bottom word?

B- Can you guess whose bottom is pictured above?

Meet Stevie Rose

Posted by Chelsea Pfeiffer on January 23, 2013

I said in my last post that we had very much enjoyed working with Stevie Rose and that I was going to have her back in 2013. That got me to thinking when it was time to hire for the first time in this year. I know it hadn’t been that long since we featured Stevie on the GoodSpanking site, but I still didn’t think it was too soon to have her back. Sometimes, if I wait too long, thinking (rather ill-advisedly) that you all need a break before the next time we feature someone. I’ve lost sooo many good models that way. Dani Daniels is one. Shoulda had her back right away, now she’s off and running as a big porn star and is too busy to get spanked by me :(
Charlotte Vale, too. Too many to name.
So, back to Stevie, it was time to have her back and now!
She’s bright, has a delightful dry wit and is a true brat.

See that roll-of-the-eyes? Brat, right?

But, she's such an adorable brat. Big "doe" eyes, too.

Perfect reactions!

Amazingly spankable bottom!

I just couldn’t ask for more in a spankee. :) If you haven’t seen Stevie in action, you should definitely go to GoodSpanking and see for yourself.

Now, after the first half of the week being lost to computer problems, we’re finally back up and running. (I started this post on Monday, but couldn’t get the pictures to upload for some reason.) Anyway, everything was just being weird. Technology, I love and I hate you! Updates are coming, starting with GoodSpankingClassics today. The rest will go up as we get it going! ;)